Wednesday 16 December 2009

Misleading Public Statement - Councillor Robert Pyne

In a series of three articles on CairnsBlog last month, Cairns Division 3 Councillor Robert Pyne, presented a debate about the decisions and management at Cairns Regional Council. He started in this on the CairnsBlog SoapBlog followed by part two the following Tuesday, with the final part appearing Friday 27th November.

Councillor Pyne has asked me to print the following statement:
  • "In a recent article on CairnsBlog, I may have given the impression former General Manager of Works and Services, Mr John Hawkes was dismissed by Cairns Regional Council.

    I would like to point out that Mr Hawkes tenure at Cairns Regional Council was terminated by mutual agreement and I have no knowledge whatsoever as to what terms were agreed on at the time of Mr Hawkes' departure.

    Councillor Rob Pyne."

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