Friday 11 December 2009

History Bites: Catalinas and World War II

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‘Catalina landing on the Inlet’
Historical Society of Cairns, CHSP05051

On 7 May 1942, the RAAF withdrew its Catalina flying boats from Port Moresby to a base at Bowen, with Cairns as the advance base.

The first Catalina had actually landed at Trinity Inlet the previous month, when the RAAF was reconnoitring possible bases to which they could withdraw, but in April, Cairns was still within range of long-distance Japanese bombers. It was not until October/November that No. 20 and No. 11 Squadron moved to Cairns.

They were located, along with ancillary staff, first in guest-houses, then when the construction of the Base Camp was completed (in February, 1943), the 350 odd men moved to a row of huts built for them along the Esplanade, from just north of here.

The normal flying mission, or run, took about 18 to 20 hours and crew usually consisted of two pilots, a first and second engineer, two gunners, a wireless operator and a navigator.

Some 3,000 sorties were flown from Cairns, but not all returned; 320 Australian airmen who flew Catalinas in the South-West Pacific theatre of war, never came back.

This is an extract from: A History of Cairns – City of the South Pacific 1770-1995, by Dr Timothy Bottoms, PhD, Central Queensland University, 2002, Photo 2.1, p.72.You can contact Dr Bottoms via email. There is more information on his website.

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Catalinas used to be based at Bowen in WW2