Friday 11 December 2009

Predict one thing that will happen in 2010

It's traditional at the end of the year, or around New Year, to try and peer into the future for signs of what's to come.

CairnsBlog would like you to predict one thing that you believe will happen in 2010.

It might be the 3 meter sea level rise along Machans Beach, or how Gavin King will run for Council and Kevin Byrne will start writing for the Cairns Post. Post your ideas below and, please, be creative possums.

Additionally, I've got a little task for you all to do.

Late next week, I'll be announcing the inaugural 2009 CairnsBlog Annual Excellence Awards.
This will be an opportunity to reflect on the notable, and un-notable achievements by people that have done their bit for our community over the last 12 months. You might also want to acknowledge an event or a Council decision, or even Councillor Blake's sporty new schoolboy haircut. I dare people to skate close to the defamation-coloured boundaries that make your favourite Blog earn its mustard every week, and make living in a one newspaper-tabloid town, bearable.

Of course we won't keep our gloves on, as it will be an opportunity to recognise some of the substantial stirrers and monumental moments, some we'd probably rather forget.

Email me your nominations for the 2009 CairnsBlog Annual Excellence Awards. All contributions will probably make it to the finals. Even the ones from Sno.


NFI said...

In 2010:

Desley Boyle will resign in disgust at Anna Bligh's treatment of the people of Cairns (and Queensland)...

Jim T will realise the New Deal became the 'Raw Deal' because he hasn't done enough to make any impression in Canberra ...

On his tail said...

"I am who I am not"

Awarded to Cr A Blake for duplicity and hypocrisy.

Thornton On Spence said...

This is not a prediction it is a given. Alan Blake will do a Tiger Woods but will not apologise to his current squeeze and move on targetting someone elses wife in 2010. In between times he will be seen at Vertigos and other well known venues looking for opportunities with Cocktail Waitresses and former Porn Stars.
He will of course lie, cheat and test the grounds of illegality. He will continue to be an embarassment to everyone he tries to associate himself with.

Denis Walls said...

A dazzling new epoch in politics will dawn filled with progressive, intelligent leaders across all tiers of government fully committed to the idea of openness in government and true sustainability for the Cairns economy and environment.

The Cairns populace will be astounded and astonished at the vision, intelligence and speed of the decisive, yet thoughtful and consultative, action of these leaders in creating a better society for us all.

NFI said...

I like it dendo, positive positive positive. Hopefully thats the real 2010 experience.

Bryan Law said...

Desley Boyle will remove her present electoral signs from the Spence St office windows on or around 9 March 2010.

I'm so confident of this prediction, I'll take bets.

"Yacht Club? What's that?" says our fearless MP.

James Donnelly said...

I predict that Bryan Law will still do his stuff, that Council will still have scandal and that Sno will not be mentioned in the Cairns Post (same as this year).

Tableland Tony F said...

I recond that Curtis Pitt will grow another inch taller, making him officially the shortest polly in Queensland, after Rosa Lee Long.

Denis Walls said...

Years of great parenting will pay off in 2010 and my younger son and I will establish real communication as this recent dialogue clearly demonstrates:

Me: What’s that music you’re listening to son.
Son: It’s a band called Stiff Willie, Dad.
Me: They suck.

Denis Walls said...

Jealous of the rapport I have with son the younger, son the elder will phone from university to seek my wise counsel on a matter of crucial import, likely to have bearing on the rest of his life.

“Dad, he will say, I have to make this crucial decision which is likely to have bearing on the rest of my life. Could you please send me some money”?

Hingehead said...

Tony Abbott and his hand picked band of cadavers will give KRudd a scare at the election, underlying the maxim 'you get the government you deserve'.

Federal labor and Qld state labor's rift will continue to widen.

Yarrabah will continue to have pathetic representation at government forums.

The gap will not close, sadly.


Thaddeus said...

Unquestionably, one award should go to Tony Abbott for his choice of cast members of "Night of the Living Dead" for his front bench.

JKR said...

Thats great Dendo! From a son who just asked his father for some money!