Tuesday 29 December 2009

Cairns Magic man to predict Taipans loss, ummm, score

Many may have seen our resident magician Sam Powers perform at the Casino over the last year or two, in his popular Extreme Illusions show.

Reminiscent of Derren Brown's correct prediction of the UK national lottery, yesterday morning live on Zinc FM, Sam predicted the winner and the score of the Taipans vs Tigers New Years Eve basketball game.

Of course we were not told what it was, however Zinc's radio host signed Sam's prediction and sealed it inside a clear jar, which was then locked inside a steel box.

"The steel box was locked into a glass box making it impossible for anyone to tamper with the prediction before the game," Sam said.

“All my life I have been having premonitions and lately they’re becoming too real to ignore. I have been working on this stunt for five years and this Thursday night will be the first time I have ever tried it.” says Sam Powers.

If you're one of the lucky ones that scored the $5 tickets from Stockland on Boxing day for the game, then you're in for a cheap night's fun.

Sam has also invited anyone attending the game has the chance to win $1000 of prizes if they can guess the winner.

"Everyone can put their name and chosen team into a barrel before the game starts," Sam says. "After I reveal his prediction, a lucky spectator will have their name pulled out, and if they chose the winning team they take home the prizes."

Sounds a bit too hocus pocus for me.

Here's Sam on breakfast TV recently, for those that don't get up at that time of the day.


friend said...

Biggest load of crap around.

False back in chest, false lock on cuffs. Come on Sam, at least try something that would even get Val thinking twice!

Lisa said...

I saw Sam Powers' show live recently and I was one of the lucky ones to get pulled up on stage and examine the trunk. I bashed on all sides including the back and trust me that trunk is solid.

To be honest "friend" your lack of support for a local talent is extremely disappointing, whether or not you are interested in this type of entertainment there is absolutely no need to make such unsupportive comments. I’d like to see you even come close to doing better!

Show some community spirit!

Choclate Oreo for mike said...

did he get the scores on the tiapan game... its a hoax

Cairns local said...

I was there with the other 5000 people and it was amazing. One of the game officials unlocked the glass box it and when he opened the prediction is was 100% spot on. I also saw the story on the news the next day.

I've also been to his show and as an illusionist, he is a great entertainer. For anyone to bag a performer, especially if they are one of Australia's best, is just a shame.

Sam did a great job that night. That's why he is where he is.

(Where is the guy who said it was a "biggest load of crap around?" Probably nowhere important.

If your gonna bag a performer, try doing it offline.)