Saturday 19 December 2009

Cairns North sporting precinct will include hockey and tennis

The $1 million Cairns Hockey Association bid to establish their iconic Cairns North site, alongside the new tennis facility, looks set to go ahead following a meeting with Pat Flanagan and hockey representatives yesterday.
Councilor Robert Pyne confirmed his support for Council funding the project.

Pyne's decision follows confirmation by Desley Boyle, the member for Cairns, that the State Government funding was not capable of being transferred to the Cairns Regional Council-favored Edmonton Multi-Purpose Centre.
“It is hard to detail the merits of this project to folks who are not aware of the significant contribution that Government and the Cairns business community are prepared to make to create this vision," Robert Pyne said.
The State Government is contributing $1.3m to the project, and Cairns Hockey will put in $200,000.
"The fact Hockey are not in the habit of putting their hand out and have run a very professional outfit in the past is very important," Pyne says. "But I would be lying if I did not admit the State funding is the ’clincher’."


Miss Chief. said...

I'm going to be queuing up for tickets if you guys can pull it off!
As an old hockey player from the 50's & 60s, it's great to see Cairns getting a venue which would attract teams from all over the world.
Love the design, just hope the drainage can cope with our Summers. Looking at the promo, I have no doubt that's a given.

captain cairns said...

This is fantastic. This and the bike path, the upgraded esplanade. Great projects that really give a touch to Cairns to make it a good liveable city. Finally things for locals and the community. creating a culture of outdoor lifestyle and sport is a good thing in so many ways. Well done to Val and council.

Personally I would like to see Tobruk pool also upgraded to be a world class aquatic centre, and also get a decent rectangle footy oval for league and soccer, as the track around Barlow lets it down for spectators.

nocturnal congress said...

I agree, Miss Chief and captain cairns...and I too would like to see the old Tobruk Pool upgraded.

CBD Warrior said...

Putting a sport training ground on expensive real estate in the centre of the city, near NONE of the participants, is among the more ignorant ideas rubber stamped by this council. How do participants get there? There is little availability to public transport, inadequate parking, and substandard roads. Just because it's state money doesn't mean council should just jam it in anywhere, without regard to essential planning questions.

And despite the state "giving" council $1.3 of (our) BORROWED money, these facilities commit councils now and in the future to enormous operational costs that come from the ratepayers.

Why isn't this thing out in Manunda, or Edmonton, or somewhere near where the players are coming from?

It's ignorant. It's absurd. And typical of the minimal brain power shown by councillors like Rob Pyne.

Warren Entsch said...

While the sentiment of sport is fun the reality is the idea behind this grandiose plan is unfortunately rooted in competition driven, egoistic, gladiatorial, corporate sponsor seeking nonsense.

This isn't primarily 'outdoor lifestyle' or health/fitness related as captain cairns is somehow deluded into thinking along with the others. This is Lotus Glen Prison style living. CCTV throughout, security overkill and big money to get in. Once one is inside huge rip off just to get a cup of water and the food garbage.

Why not simply have big open playing fields and be happy. Most of the time nobody is even there but now we are thinking license for booze, poker machines Tiger Woods and more. If that's the future then quit whinging about the booze/drug cult and bring it on for the youth for free down in the park with the parkies(JAH bless them and deliver a balm for their hurt).

My quick suggestion for a world class water feature is to simply install a huge misting system about 10-12 meters above ground in the hot old city central mall. With the sun blazing down and the wind swirling the fine cooling mist around that huge old hot cement area will convert into a playground for everyone needing respite and refuge from the crippling heat we experience in our tired old concrete jungle Cairns.

Experience this for oneself when the sun is belting down, get under a misting system and feel the frown immediatly vanish from one's face and spikes of lightness kick into one's gait and laugh and see the intensely shiny rainbow following everyone everywhere in this magic sunny misty evolution happy zone loved by all especially children.

My plan will make the mall a must do tourist attraction and for free as everyone world wide will wish to hang out in the tropical rainbows and sunbake in the cool dripping mist.

Business folk will love it as they scuttle past at lunch as the fineness of the mist will be regulated to just be enough to get by without being drenched. The cooling effect agin the blazing sun and hot cement and cool conditioned air resulting will be sensational as it is swept away by the breezes and wind and purify the nearby areas in the hot old precinct. Everyone will feel good when they go there.

Well that's just my quick suggestion as to how we can all get together and be fit and have fun and drag in mega tourists for practically zilch and deliver many benefits for all locals.

Thank you Cairns Blog.

Bryan Outlaw said...


In this new, post-PC world we live in, we can't put in a "misting system" - it will be pumping toxic flouride and other contaminants into the air, wasting precious water, increasing global warming, and will require carbon offsets and ETS credits.

Give it up.

/sarcasm off/

Miss Chief said...

Hmmm CBD Warrior,
People of Cairns have played sport on those grounds for yonks!
How do we get there? Well I used to ride a pushy and so did my kids, but that's probably a bit too much for some of the present generation. Public Transport? Well the Taipans have a bus that picks their supporters up. I'm sure if the event is big enough the Assn. or the Council (or both) will do the same. It's not being "jammed anywhere" it's on existing sporting grounds Oh and so what if it's on expensive real estate - somethings are worth more than silver tails being able to have an ocean view.
I played on that ground and so did my kids and I for one want to see it kept for my grandkids to play on.
As for the road there being substandard - it depends what you're driving I guess. I manage quite OK with a 2002 Ford Laser.

Miss Chief. said...

Anyone heard of Astro Turf? There's plenty of hocky played on it overseas and in Australia. I've played on it myself and, if you're wearing the right footwear, it's fine.

Warren Entsch said...

'Sport Will Set You Free' is a clever little jingo to hang above the front entrance.

Reg said...

Don't hold your breath waiting for a new league ground, Val is tearing em up quicker that you can say "arts and culture"