Monday 7 December 2009

I'm not here for an argument, I'm here to complain

A new State Government complaints website has been launched.
"After many months of coordination and cooperation with other independent accountability agencies in Queensland, we launched a web portal identifying agencies that provide free and impartial advice to help the community resolve complaints about a range of issues," a Government statement says.
The website is accompanied by an "It’s OK to complain" brochure - translated into 15 languages.
It's bound to be a laughing stock for Unions threatened with sell off of their organisations and the State Labor Government's $86 billion debt. Can we complain about that?
"These initiatives aim to improve the community’s understanding of the roles of independent complaint agencies in Queensland," says the Government. "In doing so, we hope to provide better customer service as well as improve our efficiency by reducing the number of complaints that are referred to other agencies."
The website will cover such agencies as Anti-Discrimination Commission, Queensland Commission for Children and Young People and Child, Guardian, Commonwealth Ombudsman, Crime and Misconduct Commission, and the Health Quality and Complaints Commission.


Northern Beaches Warrior said...

There would simply NOT be enough room on this website for Northern Beaches residents to document all their complaints in relation to the way State governments are not doing their jobs, or how state government departments are in league with developers, or the way complaints are handled within the state government's CMC, especially concerning the misconduct of local governement Councillors and council officers (they basically refer matters back to Council for jurisdiction)!!!Oh please.....

They are a farce!

Miss Chief. said...

I've got a bumper sticker that a friend in the US sent me. It reads:
If you're not OUTRAGED you're not paying attention.
I'm paying attention enough to recognize another dead end alley when I see one. When will these people remember that they are classified as PUBLIC SERVANTS? As such we pay their wages. It seems to me that they are self perpetuating and breeding in the dark corners where the public isn't allowed access.
I've noticed over the years, that there are less and less actual manual workers and more and more bureaucrats telling them what to do. In some council areas there are more bosses than people to direct. We accuse Council workers of leaning on their some cases that may be true, but in the majority of cases it's because they are forced to wait for equipment to finish the job.
I bet my complaints would end up in the round file next to the desk!

sizzle said...

I'd like to complain about Desley Boyle being a lazy old cow. Which department would I need to go to for an application to euthanase this tired old beast ?

Thaddeus said...

PRESS 1 if you wish to complain about a racial/sexual discrimination matter.
PRESS 2 if you wish to complain about a Police or law enforcement mattwer.
PRESS 3 if you wish to complain about a hospital or health matter.
PRESS 4 if you wish to speak to an operator.
VOICE RESPONSE: "Ve are apologisingah for the delayah. An operatorah will be with you-ah shortly. Sank you, please very muchah...."
OPERATOR: "'allo, 'allo, 'ows kin ah elps yew okayah?"

sizzle said...

miss chief - your post reminds me of typical obnoxious and offencive behaviour that a friend of mine in the police force always describes.
You are one of those 'I'll have your job' types.

If you think public servants should be taken as strickly to the letter of their title, than perhaps we give you the title of 'jackass' and you should have no trouble adhering strickly to this (title)

Point is, they aint your servants, they're just people trying to do their jobs... often poorly... but definitley not your servants.

Miss Chief. said...

LOL @ Sizzle!
Oh my you are a prickly one aren't you?
I spent at least 15 yrs as a servant of the public and I really enjoyed it. I never thought of it as being particularly offensive to be called a public servant. It was what I was and the tax payer paid my wages. Oh and nobody particularly wanted my job because I worked on the reception desk in the Cairns Base Hospital Emergency Dept. The only time I ever wanted to get anyone sacked it was a doctor who was particularly rude to a patient. I would just like to see accountability and not just in the "Public Service". Oh and btw, I'm an OAP and I'm thankful to be getting some of my taxes back at long last.
You can call me a jackass and it won't phase me at all. I don't have to stoop to name calling myself.