Saturday 5 December 2009

Todeschini appointed as Townsville chair for North Queensland Party

Steve Todeschini has been appointed as the interim North Queensland Party Townsville Branch chairperson.

"Steve is an experienced political campaigner and vigorously ran as the Fishing Party Candidate in Townsville at the last state election," secretary Matthew Filippi says. "He has kindly offered to immediately take on the role."

Last year he vied for Townsville City Council's by-election.

"I am absolutely stoked, you can't hope for much better," he said at the time of being selected at the top of the ballot. "It might sound silly but most often people go in and just go `that fella on top will do'."

Todeschini said he would bring an independent voice to Council, a line a majority of candidates have been trumpeting, "I don't follow, I lead," he said

"We welcome Steve's offer to serve as the Townsville NQP Branch chairperson," Matthew Filippi, secretary of the North Queensland Party says. "We will enjoy working with him as the NQP progresses throughout North Queensland."

In the 2006 Queensland State election, Todeschini gained 5.83% in the Townsville seat against ALP's Mike Reynolds on 51%.

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colfromkatterville said...

My new federal member bob katter should be called to account on where does he stand on the north queensland party.
As you can see from the article below he puts his toe in the water , but never sticks his head out to actually do anything.
If he as a sitting member of government walked into the parliment and said
"I am the member of the north queensland party "
they would have a voice in Parliament straight away !
From the electoral act

The compliance obligations include the need to meet the eligibility requirements for registration on an ongoing basis.

These requirements include:

•Having a satisfactory name;
•Having at least one Commonwealth Parliamentarian who is not a member of another party, or at least 500 members who are eligible to enrol on the Commonwealth electoral roll and who are not also relied upon by another party for registration purposes.
They would not need to get 500 members , but does he do that ? or did he do that in the formation of the "southern cross party"
From the southern cross pty ltd site

The Southern Cross Party aims to remove the development of policy and regulation from the government bureaucrats and place it in the hands of the elected members of the electorate.
September 24, 2006 11:00pm

Federal Independent Bob Katter, who bestowed the ''Beast" mantle on the as yet un-named movement, earlier this month said it would eat up between 10-15 per cent of the federal vote
or has he done it with fnq ?

cairnspost article

The people listed as forming the group include the MP for Kennedy Bob Katter

cairns blog reply

Hi Colin,
Bob Katter is not a member of the NQP and holds no position with the party at this time. He has voiced his support and recently attended a NQP dinner but has made no indication regarding membership thus far.
Is bob just holding meetings with people and fronting up to every disgruntled voters meeting selling himself and then scurrying off.
Is the cairns post correct in an article published last week on katter putting his son up ?
You know doing a "parachute pitt" while he moves into the senate.
What better way to get your boy elected and your own self , than by buttering up locals with false hope?
getting them to man booths in a new electorate?
Go on bob do it when Parliament next sits I dare you.