Friday 18 December 2009

Lake and Wharf streets will still flood, says Williams

Lake Street and Wharf Street will flood again this year, CairnsBlog cartoonist Robbie says, even after the huge investment by Cairns Regional Council installing massive pumps below Lake Street.
He says that the floods generally come in February and coincide with a flood tide.
"For example there will be a 3 metre tide on February 2," Rob Williams says.
"If we have had our average rainfall then, 200 mm every 24 hours is pretty common."
"The water level can be the same at the corner of Lake and Spence with the other side of Trinity. The new pumps will be useless as tits on a bull and a total waste of ratepayers money."


Factman said...

What a subject headline ...

"The new pumps will be useless as tits on a bull and a total waste of ratepayers money."

How f*cking stupid is this post - you old fart horn blower.

The sumps will gather the storm water that collects in the low parts of the CBD and the pumps will "lift" it over the higher parts to place it in the sea.

You see Rob ... water doesn't flow uphill.

Something called gravity prevents that.

So when the run-off from the hills gathering in the CBD meets the higher sea level the water needs a helping hand.

The sea doesn't flood the CBD, it's the rain fall water that can't escape.

And I guess it was Kevin Bryne and Peter Tabulos's fault that the CBD was sited where it was all those years ago.

And why not blame them ? - didn't they also cause global warming and the subsequent sea level change?

Rob Williams said...

Well blow me. Factman knows my name because I have the guts to put it up there. Then he has the impudence to insult my age. You said it yourself Factman, water doesn’t flow up hill, but you are trying to make it do so. A flood tide can hold back the flood waters till it backs up to Shields Street. If you ever bothered to look at photos that were once displayed in our beloved Aquatic you would see that. But blokes like you don’t believe in history so when the event occurs I will take more photos for you to put in your Factman Book.

Factman said...

Hey old fart horn blower ... it was still a stupid post.

The high king tides prevent the collected rain water from entering the sea at Trinity Inlet.

Why ... because the sea level at 3.55 metre Australian height datum (AHD) is higher than Lake Street and the surrounding Streets.

The pumps will "lift it" into the sea from the sumps at the low point (bottom end of Lake Street) in the city. That's how it's done in Holland. The so called 3 hour window.

Trust me has been "designed" by real engineers to do so.

Yes I saw the photos. They showed the situation before the wharf area was "bunded" and flap gates installed on the stormwater outlet pipes.

For 15 years I was an active member of the YACHT CLUB.

I was a sailor - not a horn blower.
I paid my subscriptions for 15 years. It was the yachties club - we owned it.

And I paid for my drinks instead of living on the free bar water and free rent like your lot.

Rob Williams said...

Well Factman, if you were really a member you would have seen me sailing there since 1980. On WAGS day I was probably on a Yacht that sailed past you. All my 'lot" always paid for their drinks and still do at our new venue. Your club paid us to be there in the hope we could help save it. But your committee wouldn’t allow us to collect petition signatures in there. Yes I know you owned it and you were the ones who contracted the demolition of it too. Oh yes, for your system to work, the 'bund wall" must be higher than the tide, the same as Holland. I will remind you of this when you try to get to your new "$6 million Yacht Club" on the point.

Tony said...

Rob was telling us last week how he had "moved on" from the yacht club. Now he and "Factman" are squabbling over it like a couple of spoilt children. That is about the sum of it for these two clowns.