Sunday 13 December 2009

Bryan Law conned us all

In what has tuned out to be a media trifecta, Bryan Law conned three news outlets in North Queensland in as many days.
In what now appears as a carefully orchestrated media blitz, veteran community activist, and now an official media whore, Bryan Law has taken more column centimeters that all the bare-breasted babes that the Cairns Post could muster in a month of Sundays.
Following a hilarious recount of his time in Judge Griffin's company on Friday's CairnsBlog, Law then scooped the pool with a story and his own Soapbox column in the weekend Cairns Post.
Then this morning, after picking up the Sunday Mail at my beachfront newsagent, I see Gavin King has written a wonderful tribute to our infamous protester in his feature weekend column. Sadly it's not found online, nor is mention of King.
"I don't agree with Bryan's hardline stance... but I do admire his unyielding passion to fight for causes he believes in," King writes.
"A long-term North Queensland local, he is a big hulk of a man with a heart that is giving out on him," Gavin King writes. "He rarely wears shoes, he drives a taxi and looks like he belongs in a queue at Centerlink. But he is also worthy of respect, despite his reputation as a zealous extremist, a serial pest, and a taxpayer-money wasting lunatic hippy."
"Look beyond the broad brushstrokes and you'll find a man with a fierce intelligence and well-intentioned principles," King says.
Gavin also retells his outback journey to Alice Springs when, in 2005, Bryan was part of a team that breached security fences at the secretive Pine Gap military surveillance base.
A nice Sunday read.


Rob Williams said...

Onya Bryan. Shows what one can achieve when one gets up earlier than most. Its the early bird that gets the worm... and the second mouse that gets the cheeze..

Warren Entsch said...

One thing for sure is Gavin King hasn't a clue what constitutes a 'hippy'.

No way in eternity is Law a hippy. Feral yes, hippy no. Hippies are vego/fruit gardeners but Law is a road kill/fisherman/shit shop food/meat critter ie FERAL.
Hippies are handsome and healthy, well Law is ......

They can all get in bed together now they in love at St. Monica's with the choir boys and worship.

The real scoop is King and Byrne are pissing in their smugglers that Griffin hit Law for six over the fence and out.

Once again stooged by mass mis-information and the Sunday Sun is toilet paper for the chooks. Any undigested crap FOX story to bolster stunted egos will fill the oi oi oi Aussie audience with warm fuzziness. No wonder Krud and Abattoir are at the front of the pack of bigots if this is newsworthy. How many trees destroyed for this krud big fella?