Friday 4 December 2009

Councilllor Blakey not under the pump for CBD flood mitigation

Word around the Spence Street corridors late on Friday is that CBD Councillor Alan Blake has been snubbed deliberately.

This is in advance of pumps, that are being fitted below street level in the multi-million dollar CBD flood mitigation works underway in Lake Street, will be installed early next week.

A press call makes no mention at all of Blake, the resident Councillor, who lives almost across the road.

"Cairns Regional Council will lower the pumps into the underground Lake Street station to have them operational by December," says the statement.

"The CBD Flood Mitigation Scheme is one part of an overall strategy to address flooding issues within the CBD. [This is] for interview with Mayor Val Schier and Cr Paul Gregory," concludes the statement.

One theory is that this is proof that the Mayor’s increasing control of Council media (not a bad thing for a change), or that the Divisional system in Local Government is now as dead as the proverbial Monty Python parrot.

You pick.


Hingehead said...

I've wondered since the Lake Street work started - where exactly will the water be pumped? It floods now because the high tides raise the sea level to above the outpoor so there's nowhere for the stormwater to go. Just sayin'.

Miss Chief. said...

I moved to Cairns in 1970 and Lake St and the Barbary Coast area spent a lot of time underwater during the wet. I used to pick up supplies from the old Samuel Allens building and had to wade through thigh high water to their loading dock. I, like Hingehead, am wondering just where the water is going to be pumped to. King tides have always been a problem - The Hilton carpark used to be an underground lake and the origingal foundations of the Pacific HOtel's cellar level bar leaked so badly it was closed until the found a solution. When are people in this city ever going to build for the location and the climate?

Drunken's Irrigation said...

Four pumps rated at 200amps each -that is 200 kilowatts. Is Blakey paying for this power bill?

lisbon said...

Blakey will be having a bet each way on this one...If it's a success, watch him take the accolades. If it's a failure then see Val cop it for buying this expensive water sucking lemon.