Wednesday 2 December 2009

Jim Turnour and the Flat Earth Society


not convinced ex labor voter said...

Thank god for that you tax driven party ! barnaby joyce cleary asked ms i,m wrong wong how a tax would stop climate change and she did not answer and we all heard her answer ,well we didn,t because she did not answer enough said .Jim you are a goose.

Ross Parisi said...

It is clear that the Capitalist system has taken control of the Labor Party.

The individual is only a pawn in the pursuit of greed.

The Emission Trading Scheme is a means to trade carbon.

What the Environment needs is a means to eliminate carbon.

Solution: An obligatory code to prohibit the emission of carbon on a time graduated scale.

End of story.

Smithfield Sam said...

Is this really Jim Turnour's "thought" on his facebook page, or that of some Labor-party shill posting Jim's "party required thoughts"?

I suspect the latter.

"What Me Worry?" Turnour never had a salient thought of his own. Even his own party members chuckle in Parliament when he gets up to pose some inane softball question to the KRudd.

Turnour's done nothing. He is nothing. A cipher. An empty suit. A bag of hammers.

I Am The Stig said...

We have asked Jim Turnour to reveal the cost to Small Business and the General Public for the Labour Party ETS. He chose not to answer....I suspect because he is incapable as opposed to a normal Politician who would avoid the question for fear of revealing the high cost it brings to all of us. We have already seen the predictions for future Electricity Bills and we will see the Labour Party using the excuse that the Liberal National Party are scaremongerers but it is true. We cannot afford this Tax. Jim Turnour has no idea and does not care. He only has to survive and he feels he ahs accomplished something. Idiot man.

KitchenSlut said...

One Answer to Global Warming: A New Tax

Paul said...

The true nature of the Gobalist position on "Man-Made Climate Change" is well illustrated by the fact that every solution being offered everywhere seems to only involve us paying more and more for less.

Hingehead said...

Wow. Clueless commenters abound. Can't understand how raising the price of carbon emissions will reduce the amount of carbon emissions? Back to school. Or look at another real world example - the tax on cigarettes.

Oliver Redlynch said...

So, the planet is about to die a horrible death due to climate change (man made or not) and billions of people will die (of flooding, starvation, war etc.). Couple to that the problem that currently civilisation is based on the consumption of a finate resource (oil) that will likely run out - and the consumption of which if not the cause, is an exhasibation of climate change. So, we need to force people to consume less oil, in either their direct or indirect use (i.e. transporting food around the world). Its also going to cost an awful lot of money to try and mitigate the effects of climate change by building flood defences, relocating millions of people, implementing new technologies, building arks etc. etc.

So how do you go around making a complete step-change in current civilisation. Well you could either a) have the mother of all wars or b) put in place a tax regime which forces people to change their lazy habits and also raises revenues for some of the mitigations required.

So what do we get: - "Nah- I'm alright jack, I don't want to pay more tax I like my life, let those million's of people die they're probably black - lets have a war......"

Frankly I don't hold out much hope for mankind.