Thursday 17 December 2009

Some holiday things to do on your iPhone

Anyone who has a smart phone, which, by the way, doesn't make you smart, can set their mobile to pick up wireless signals.

You'd be surprised how many free connections there are out there floating around.

Yesterday, driving around Cairns, I came across this one. After trying a few passwords, I gave up.

For the record, these ones didn't work. Let's know if you've got any other suggestions.
  • wearethebossanddontyouforgetit
  • russparkerrulesok
  • pigsinspace123
  • weknowwhereyouliveandwhatyoudo
  • tazersareforgirls69
  • whosarrestingbryanlawthisweek
  • gavinkingloveskevinbryne


Warren Entsch said...

how about 'allcoppersarecool'

Gaol for CairnsBlogger said...

Do you not understand that trying passwords on the AFP's connection is a violation of the law?

It's hacking.

It's illegal.

Chopper Reid said...

Gaol for Cairns Blogger, what you write is sanctimonious clap trap.

If you can't join in the fun then you need to get a life. Get with it!!

Chopper's Left Ear said...

How clever is the AFP? They have had such amazing successes like the Haneef case and now we are learning about their involvement with the pilot who was jailed in PNG for three years based on their crap investigations. I'm sure they wouldn't know a hacker from their arsehole.

Warren Entsch said...

Psssssttwannabuybulkcheapcocaine should hack your way in there and be fun as well this wonderful time of year.