Sunday 6 December 2009

Anti-Fluoride demonstration in Cairns - Monday

There will be a protest rally outside the Desley Boyle's office, the MP for Cairns at 9am Monday, on the corner of Spence and McLeod Streets.

"We want to let the Government know," says Bill Kilvert, FNQ coordinator of Queenslanders for Safe Water Air and Food. "We don't like being forced to drink fluoridated water."

"We call on everyone to make a special effort to be there and show the Government our contempt for their decision," Bill Kilvert says.


Smithfield Sam said...

Flouride in the water was not a "government decision".

It was a decision made unilaterally by the just-crowned Premier, Anna Bligh, shortly after her coronation.

It won't be overturned.

The real villain is the lack of democracy in Australia, and in the Parliamentary system.

Candid Kamara said...

I grew up on flouride. I wasn't poisoned, I've never had any illness and I am still alive. As are all of my friends who also drank flouride from age zero. Now, can we stop all this hysteria please and just have nice teeth?

cutting teeth said...

I too also grew up on flouride and I am 57 yrs young , great health and all my own teeth , minimum fillings , you should welcome flouride with open gums , it would be nice to meet a nth queenslander with more than two teeth.

D. Ingen said...

Some of us don't like getting our medication through our drinking water. Just because some people are too stupid to make a decision to look after their own health shouldn't mean we all have to have it.

Dentist Dan said...

The primary purpose of fluoride in the water is to provide a therapeutic level in the bloodstream of both children, as well as women of childbearing age. Secondary is the "topical" application of the flouride, which clearly can be done by other means.

Having a therapeutic level of fluoride in the body provides the permanent teeth, developing in the fetus and in infancy, with a level of fluoride that provides lifetime protection from caries.

It's about Time.

Community Reformation Action Group said...

The Fluoride they are using is NOT NATURAL FLUORIDE ... it is a schedule 6 POISON, which doesn't prevent tooth decay.
At the Physical level it acts as a catalyst for Ilness to emerge over time as our immume system is degraded.
At the Spiritual level it closes down the Pituitary gland which is our direct connection with our Soul Creator.

Why would the "Corporation of Queensland" do this to the people ? when the European Union banned the use of fluoride in 2005 because of health concerns.

:John: Babet, CRAG - Community Reformation Action Group

Smithfield Sam said...

Say John Babet,

I'd rather wade thru an ocean of flouride instead of all that religious quackery you've got on your website.

:John:Babet, CRAG said...

Smithfield Sam ... actions speak louder than words brother... come out from behind your alias and enlighten us as to how you contribute to the community ? ... will even buy the coffee if you dare to meet in front of MP Boyles office Monday 7 Dec 9-10am.

:John: Babet,

National Enquirer said...

Hey you got to keep an eye on those Fiendish Fluorodaters. Don't you know they are part of the world wide conspiracy to bring the civilised world under the control of J. Edgar Hoover and Elvis in their flying saucer they have stashed at Area 51. Besides, its a well known fact that fluoride in the water is responsible for causing one of each pair of socks to dissolve in the washing.

Bryan Law said...

Thanks for that National Enquirer. I often wondered what happened to those socks. i'm sending Elvis an invoice right now!

From another angle said...

People, the health issue cited about the developing foetus really isn't all that major. Whether we have shiny teeth or not pales in comparison to real health issues like the spread of Diabetes, which is, in my mind, possibly related to the huge amount of added sugar products available in supermarkets.

The Bligh government could take their job seriously and somehow make soft drink so expensive that it no longer has it's own aisle at the supermarket. I think that would be preferable to denying people the right to choose whether they ingest fluoride, and could have far greater beneficial impact on the health of Queenslanders -their eye sight, their circulation, their pancreases, AND THEIR TEETH.

cutting teeth said...

Pity none of the demonstrators smiled at the demonstration
I wanted to see if they had all their own teeth !
I wanted to see if years of no fluoride really worked
Or did you all have false teeth ? Or did you have fillings galore
Or no teeth at all hhhhaaaaaaaaa

Unknown said...

Ignorance is no excuse for advocating that everyone drink poison. 80% of people in Cairns don't want fluoride, lead, lime, arsenic, cadmium, aluminium or all the other contaminants from the phosphate fertiliser industry toxic waste dumps added to their water supply. Before you run off at the mouth about how good the practice is, Google some websites, note the enlarged thyroids on most southern tv women, wonder whether you will get cancer or altsheimers before your time. If you grew up on fluoride, wonder how much smarter you would be without it dumbing you down. Why would people smile at the prospect of being poisoned, but I can confirm they all had good teeth.

Bazza said...

Why aren't any of you people protesting to the main lobbyists ie medical/dentistry professions.
As I understand it a gov has a duty of care which has to respond to some of these crackpots who want to please their own ego in these professions.

Margaret Outlaw said...

Yo Margaret,

We're supposed to believe that flouride is "poison" because YOU and a bunch of other mouth-breathers say it is? Everything on your list occurs in water naturally. In fact, the way scientists first discovered the teeth-protecting quality of flouride was noticing in several areas of the world where residents had a history of no dental problems - because of naturally found flouride in the water. Water in many areas of the world routinely have what you call "contaminants" in it. That's nature.

Oh, and speaking of nature, have you made your visit with a box of junk food for your jailed serial jerkoff husband?

Bryan Law said...

Oh dear! This Margaret sounds far too sensible to marry me, Mr Outlaw (or should I say Judge Griffin).

Still, it's nice to know that obssession has no correlation with truth.

Plus I'm sad for you that you've only jerked off once. No wonder you're ratty.

P.S.T. Orff said...

Ironic that Queenslanders dislike the paternalistic nanny nature of the current State Government yet some people are happy to let themselves be bulk medicated with a toxic poison rather than making a choice on how to take fluoride as most Western countries in the world do.
I don't know if you are open minded enough but this site is a start:

Sonja Hardy said...

suggest Dentist Dan and other fluoride supporters do some proper investigation into the facts behind water fluoridation, and not just blindly accept the myth that has been perpetuated for more than 6o years now. Fluoridation was a con from the beginning – the result of collusion, corruption and conflicts of interest.

Dr Robert Carton calls it ‘the greatest case of scientific fraud of this (20th) century.’ Those with vested interests continue to deny and try to bury the truth. “The Fluoride Deception” by award winning investigative journalist Christopher Bryson reveals this in his meticulously researched exposeì.

World Health Organisation figures show that tooth decay has declined just as much in non-fluoridated countries as in those that fluoridate their water, thus negating the argument that fluoride is responsible. Post-war improvements in nutrition, dental care and dental hygiene are more likely causes.

If you want to learn the truth Google “Why I Changed My Mind About Water Fluoridation” by Dr John Colquhoun, former chief dental officer in Auckland NZ. Barry Groves in his well researched book, “Fluoride: Drinking Ourselves to Death?” uses evidence to refute every pro-fluoride argument of the British Fluoridation Society. Also Dr Bruce Spittle, in his well researched book, “Fluoride Fatigue” describes undeniable ill effects of water fluoridation.

Warren Entsch said...

Central banks dictate to guberments/politrickians to add poison fluoride or no loan or party endorsement.

It began in the 1950's in the USA to protect the arse of the atomic bomb industry (the Manhatten Project) from litigation. Fluoride is used big time in bomb making. One can view the following URL to confirm.

Party hacks and chooks beg for poison fluoride.

Mayor Val and council workers and unions can refuse to mass medicate us (as soldiers should refuse to commit war crimes if ordered by corruption from high places) by simply refusing to turn on the tap.

KitchenSlut said...

What? Central banks dictate flouride?

In the case of Premdas mass or otherwise medication may indeed be appropriate!

stinky pants said...

hey, i wasnt anti-fluoride, but are we the only family in cairns that has the shits since it got added to the water ?

Flouride Frank in Fishery Falls said...

The head of Cairns Water made two important points yesterday about the fluoridation of the water:

1. All the complaints (like Mr. Stinky Pants above) and others about the "smell" and 'taste" and "illnesses" now being caused by the fluoride are all psychosomatic. The fluoride hasn't been "turned on" yet.

Unfortunately there seem to be few here with the ability to rub two brain cells together. Science obviously not your strong suit.

2. Almost 30% of Australian water has always had natural levels of fluoride in it (like that found in many places around the world). Since fluoride is a natural mineral element, it of course can be found in water naturally - and in some cases at levels several times the level planned for Cairns water.

Smithfield Sam said...

Fluoride hasn't been "banned" in the EU, another anti-fluoride lie.

Fluoride is not used in some water systems in Europe, true. For generally technical reasons.

But most people are not aware that fluoride, of the same type being added to Cairns water, is added to SALT in Europe, along with iodine.

Both elements, very similar chemically, are known to be required for human health.

I'm aware that this crusade is being led by health wacko Annette Shepard. It was good sense, and her outlandish views that had her bounced from council the last election.

Unknown said...

"stinky pants" are you being serious?

i know 6 other people (inc myself) that have all had "the shits/vomiting" since friday

Warren Entsch said...

Dear Kitchen Slut.

I'm strictly fruit and vege, drug/medication free 100%, so thanks but no thanks for the drug offer. If it's not from a tree then 'tis not for me.

Also may I suggest a perfect name change for yourself. As we are on sacred ground may I suggest a nice suitable Aborigine name for your ill informed prejudiced white self to aid in clearing your confusion and constipation. My suggestion for your name is that wonderfully descriptive Murri name from Lockhart Community which suits you beautifully...'BIGHOLE'.

Are you impressed? What a wonderful picture this poetically crafted name paints of you for you and your family.

Forever yours in wonderment and joy.

KitchenSlut said...

Unda / Premdas

Nothing I have ever said on this site or anywhere has had any racial connotations ever! You have chosen that path yourself in response to your ridiculous accusations of central banks and flouride .... and then again on privatisations .... to your own discredit not me?

Your post resorts to stupid mendacious abuse rather than any attempt at reasonable specific debate!