Wednesday 16 December 2009

Anna Bligh, the Fluoride Queen

A picture says a thousand words, says anti-fluoride campaigner Werner Schmidlin.

This lovely stamp, just in time for your Christmas card postings, is by Cairns artist Peter, a local cartoonist from Redlynch.


Dicky Nee said...

As usual the public sit back, mutter and rant away amongst themselves. Only 50 people bother to stand up and make their objections known at a demonstration in front of Desley Boyle's office. About a dozen people write letters to the local paper, ditto same number write to Premier. A few write scathing coments on local blogsite. I hear some people saying they won't vote for Anna next election, but, when queried, they admit they don't know if the alternative parties oppose fluoridation. Another classic example of a weakening democracy.

Cairns Resident said...

Yeah, you are right about the weakening democracy but the politicians are testing as far as they can go as they work for chemical companies . They still don't have the full power although they would like to make us think so. We can all do something instead of just being cranky and doing nothing.

The statement "its no use" is not true.

Let's get involved, It's for us and our children that we need to re build the democracy! What other choice do we have?