Friday 18 December 2009

Auschwitz thieves set sign free

Probably the most famous and iconic sign in contemporary history, the Auschwitz entrance sign, was stolen overnight.
The sign that graced the entrance of Poland's Nazi-era concentration camp Auschwitz, that was inscribed "Arbeit macht frei" meaning, work will set you free, was removed at around 5am today.
"A police dog has been set on the trail of the thieves,'' a local report said.
It was removed by being unscrewed on one side and pulled off on the other.
"We have launched an intensive search. There are currently no suspects but we are pursuing several theories," local police said.
This is the first time the sign has been stolen since it was erected in 1942. The sign was made by prisoners. Around 1.4 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis at Auschwitz.
"It's a terrible thing," Auschwitz official Pawel Sawicki, the BBC reported. "The sign means everything - it's a symbol of what Auschwitz stands for. But a place where hundreds of thousands of people died obviously doesn't mean anything to the thieves," he said.
A replica sign has already been installed.
The words also adorned the entrances to other Nazi camps at Dachau and Sachensenhausen. The Auschwitz barracks and other structures are almost in ruin nowadays as they were not built to last. Just this week Germany donated 60 million euro ($97 m AUD) to fund conservation work.


Warren Entsch said...

Bulldoze these shit places into the ground and plant trees.

All cities should be totally planted with fruit trees and covered by huge misting systems to create a yummy living place for all. Cities should be able to create rain and clean air and be a plus for nature and not a minus or these fine people were tortured and murdered in vain which is too sad.

Heaven forbid that evil is still alive and gaining strength with endless corrupt wars/laws/world leaders and gross environmental destruction.

We all pass on at some time and that's tough enough but it should never be at the hands of psychopaths but in good/JAH's time and peacefully.

So for now rejoice. Gardeners unite. To hell with all downpressors and warmongers for our sweet lives are a precious but precarious gift and there is much to enjoy and achieve.

Thank you Cairns Blog.

National Enquirer said...

Talk about long term, unexpected consequences of your actions......60+ years later and the Germans are still paying to maintain the place

The Essence of Good Taste said...

Having visited Auschwitz and Berkinau recently myself, I now understand why it is important to preserve places such as this. It reminds us all of the lessons we have learned so we do not make the same mistakes again. A most reflective and emotional visit.