Friday 25 September 2009

LIVE: Paul Freebody out of control

Here's the outrageous outburst from waterpark nut, Paul Freebody, on John Mackenzie's 846am radio yesterday morning.

Cringe from the introduction where John has a wet dream about Deputy Mayor Margaret Cochrane, to the end when Paul almost gets tears in his eyes, and then blames CairnsBlog for his woes.

It's an Aria nomination moment.


I Am The Stig said...

The man is a tosser. An inarticulate and complete failure of a man that qualifies for the title "Tosser of the Year". But then he chose to air his grievances on the Blue Ribbon, Gold Medalist Tossers Radio Show. I hope they enjoy their long lunch together at the well known home of Tossers Restaurant Villa Romano.

Oliver of Redlynch said...

Well, Councillor Cochrane IS old-school Cairns politician, astute, clever, arrogant, undemocratic, bullying, power hungry, and ambitious. Now we know what it takes to get on in the city, beware the next female Mayor of Cairns.

Council Watcher said...

Why would any council in their right mind knock back an opportunity like that with all the employment and ongoing business it would bring to the area for years to come? If the particular parcel of land in question is unsuitable for this project, get out there and find somewhere that is suitable before the prospect goes elsewhere.
I have to say that on this occasion I agree with Freebody.

Noj Nedlaw said...

Council watcher

I think we all support innovative ideas to increase tourism numbers and the economy of Cairns in general; its sorely needed.

What most of the posters have been saying is not against the concept per se, but rather the location. So in that we all, including you, seem to be in agreeance.

The population is moving southwards, so locating it in the area, tying it in to a Josephine Falls experience for instance, seems logical.

Freebody in his own words has had the Dillon Road property for thirty years - his business acumen has been clouded by that fact. The land is not suitable. End of arguement - the soon Freebody accepts this and pulls out his finger and looks for a more suitable site, the better. And in that, I will be very very supportive.

Sir Humphrey said...

Dear me Stig,

Have a cup of tea and a lie down pet you may blow a gasket!

Thornton On Spence said...

Freebody's statistics justifying the Employment and Visitor Numbers are totally irrational. If you were on the Gold Coast with all the other so called attractions and the type of demographics it attracts you might say yes but I would not want to be an investor believing in these numbers for Cairns. If it's such a fantastic attraction and offering returns that these numbers will bring then why doesn't Macca become an investor or would that be classed as cash for comments. Heaven forbid Macca participating in that.
While on the subject of Macca his excitement over Margaret Cochrane was almost orgasmic.

I Am The Stig said...

Sir Humphrey I think you need to listen again to the daily double and their combined vitriole and be concerned over their gaskets. Let's face it we have Paul Freebody speaking in a foreign language and Macca getting so excited over Margaret Cochrane he invented a new Councillor Lancy Nanskey.

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

If Margaret Cochrane reckons she might be next Mayor of Cairns - she has Buckleys, as far as I'm concerned. I've oft called her Marg "Forked Tongue" Cochrane - & that's just what she is. She says one thing, does the opposite. She says 'yes' to community requests & projects, but does little or nothing, or puts Council in the way of anything occurring.

Although she disengaged herself from Byrne's Unity (sic) team way before the last Council election, she's way in there with the Blake & Bonneau pro-development team.

There have been numerous occasions of her appearing to be pro-environment, but if you look at her cumulative votes over the past few years in council, you will see she's VERY pro-development.

She's two-faced, a liar, and actually, not that intelligent, which is a saving grace in this situation. Other than that, she's probably a very nice woman.

I Don't Wanna be a Developer said...

This proposal at this site was not recommended to be approved after the technical staff employed by council reviewed the application. It would be very, very unusual for a council to approve a plan that has received a negative recommendation. Why spend hundreds of thousands on a project unless you believe it is going to get up? Either PF believed the project would be recommended to go ahead, or that the councillors would give it the green light regardless.

I understand the land has some sort of tourism zoning. If a water park is not suitable for this location, it would be hard to propose any tourism venture that is suitable. So if the council rejects the proposal, unless the land is rezoned accordingly, a future council may go ahead and approve this or another tourism venture on the site. Therefore without rezoning the land, the councillors have only done half of their job.

If however, council approves the project, despite the recommendation against it, that would mean that the criteria for the recommendation against it were inappropriate. A flawed policy that would have to be reviewed to give developers certainty in the process.

All sounds like a big unprofessional waste of time and money, with far too many surprised faces at the end.

Cairns Resident said...

I Don't Wanna be a Developer said it so perfectly... That is entirely the cheese that binds the movement!

Quien Sabe said...

The land is zoned Rural 1 according to CairnsPlan If the land wAs being rated Tourist due to the long defunct Shark thing, then I am sure that such an astute businessman as Mr Freebody would have pointed this out to Council long ago.

Ross Parisi said...

Bloggers, Freebody was so confident that his Waterpark would be approved that he purchased not only the land 3years ago but also an Excavator that sits on site read to begin the excavations of the old river bed upon which his development would sit.

The Excavator was a reck and he has spent $15,000 reconditioning it.

Indications that all lead to an elite mentality that the laws are for other to be applied too and not to a select few. Councils, in his view are there to facilitate the approval process not to put proper safeguards in place.

I only hope for the sake of the integrity of the Barron Delta that the law is applied to all equally and fairly without fear or favour and devoid of emotive and emotional fanfare.

Tony Hillier said...

Didn't former councillor Peabody put forward a hare-brained development scheme for the old Flying Fox site on the hillside opposite the airport. Or is that a figleaf of my imagination!

Maximinus the 3rd said...

I took the opportunity today to drive down Dillon Road to check out the proposed Waterpark site.
I was amazed at the size of the culverts. Using the flood markers as a guide I would estimate the site during flood time must be underwater by about 4mts.
I also noticed that the old Shark show centre is dilapidated and a serious treat during a cyclone.
Perhaps the Council Building Inspectors need to serve notice to clean up the site before the onset of the Cyclone season.