Tuesday 22 September 2009

'Cairns nay-sayers did not get what they want' - Boyle

Member for Cairns, Desley Boyle, whilst complimenting planners who have worked on the Far North Queensland Regional Plan who spent "many late nights bringing in this plan," criticised those who didn't agree with the final recommendations.
"It has been some years in its development, and through that time very many people have had their say including many who have complained, many who have not believed that the Government would consult, and then when we did consult, criticised the actual consultations," Desley Boyle said in Queensland Parliament during the debate on Thursday.
"Some have turned out to be happy with the plan, and so they have gone quiet. There are still some nay-sayers around, because they did not get what they want in the regional plan. Because they did not get what they want, they figure, therefore, that it has to be a lousy regional plan," Ms Boyle said.
Referring to the long work that the planners did, Boyle said they worked despite some of "the nay-sayers on the other side of House."
"[They] work themselves so hard to get out and about in the region to talk to all the nay-sayers, all of the complainers and all of the people who felt that they would be in some way disenfranchised by the new plan. While those who are not satisfied with the outcome."
"It has been a very difficult job for us to take on board all of the ambitions of all of the people who live in the amazing region of Far North Queensland and yet find a fair and sensible way forward," Desley Boyle says. "The underlying key issue is growth."
"There are a considerable number of people who live in the region which I am proud to represent and which is so beautiful who wish that they could turn growth back in the other direction, who wish that we would lose some of the numbers, who complain already," Boyle said. "For example, the city of Cairns is some kind of thriving metropolis where the traffic and the numbers of people are just so huge that it has to be avoided. It is all about perspective. That may be so about the Cairns of today only in comparison maybe with the Cairns of the 1950s or the 1960s when some of these people were young and about which time they have some fond remembrances. But the facts are that we are a growth region and that all of the projections indicate people will continue to come to live in Cairns from other parts of Queensland, particularly from other states."
The member for Cairns also talked about those who live closer to Cairns that concerned about urban sprawl up the hill slopes, those who value the green backdrop, much of it national park and some of it World Heritage rainforest.
"[They] are very nervous in the years to come that any planning scheme might allow that backdrop to disappear in favour of houses and development up the hill slopes," Desley Boyle said. "There are others who fight against the urban sprawl of endless suburbs with 880 m2 blocks stretching into the distance, and therefore the loss of cane land, the loss of green landscape in favour of endless suburbs," Boyle says. "They point out the difficulties for people of public transport in such circumstances."
"Even so, I have to tell you, as if that is not enough people with conflicted views, that there are those who when they see yet another three-storey building going up in the city of Cairns grumble about the high-rise problem that we have. When we get buildings of such height as six or seven storeys, you can imagine how loud the grumbles are. In fact, these are low- to medium-rise buildings."
Boyle says that Cairns Regional Councils will need to look at their planning scheme, and how it fits with the new FNQ Regional Plan.
Boyle complimented those who put the Plan together and work "themselves so hard to get out and about in the region."
"[They] talked to all the nay-sayers, all of the complainers and all of the people who
felt that they would be in some way disenfranchised by the new plan. While those who are not satisfied with the outcome may wish to imply some criticism of their efforts, it would be unfounded," Desley Boyle said. "Their work was tremendous."
However, Member for Gympie, David Gibson was appalled at the local Cairns Members' comments.
"I wonder whether the good minister and member for Cairns has actually got out and engaged with ordinary people. The member for Cairns made an amazing attack on Queenslanders who have an alternative view to that of the government."
He says it was an amazing attack.
"When we think about it, that is what democracy is all about—people having the right to have alternative views, having the right to express them and having them acknowledged. In my opinion, what we heard from the member for Cairns was very disappointing," David Gibson says.
"When people express their views they have a right to have them acknowledged and not dismissed. They should not be referred to as grumblers or nay-sayers—I think that was the other term the member used. These are Queenslanders who have a right to have their views not only heard but also properly considered."
Over 1,200 residents signed a petition expressing their dissatisfaction with the draft plan.
NB: The Far North Queensland Regional Plan 2009–2031 is the over-arching plan for the region and takes precedence over all other planning instruments. The statutory plan must be followed by state agencies and local governments in their planning and when assessing development. This plan also applies to the Cairns Regional Council


Col said...

I think poor old Dinosaur Desley is rapidly losing relevance.
One thing that is for sure is that she will be short of volunteers at the booths at the next election, particularly when they are often staffed by the teachers, nurses and government workers that her government has just shafted on wage agreements.

swinging voter said...

It was good to read David Gibson's comments at the end of this article, as the thought had been going through my mind as I read it - how many times is Desley going to refer to "nay-sayers"?.

For you, Desley and your ALP government, it might all be about growth, but please don't be so denigrating about those who don't share your view.

I sincerely hope the ALP is taking note of the rumblings against Anna Bligh and her dictatorial attitude,(telling us Queenslanders why she had decided we need to sell assets etc).

A word for all you pollies - voters respond much better when treated with respect.

Desley insider said...

That's not going to be a problem for dear ol' Desley because she will not go another election.

colinwhocares said...

While we are on the subject of asset selling , stewie traill and the etu need a pat on the back , as they launched their protest billboard last week on bligh government asset selling .
As a former labor voter have no fear you local members we ex labor voters are after you , as your silence on this election your demise also !
Also your silence on the dugong/turle slaughter around the cairns/cape coast , could it be a vote loser for you ?
Where ia your sense of fair play ?

donotsellqld said...

Hell that photo of desley is what photoshop is capable of , she looks like she has been done up by an undertaker.

Bryan Law said...

Where's her tiara?!

Helenahan Cart said...

I hope you are right Desley insider. She is way past her use by date. As for the tiara, try looking on the ground at her feet. It's right next to her halo and near the pile of broken promises.

Northern Beaches Warrior said...

What good is the FNQ regional Plan?

It has not saved or protected one natural creek system, any designated conservation areas or other areas of significance such as high classification vegetation,wild life corridors etc on the Northern Beaches yet?

We the naysayers, troublemakers, neanderthals are still waiting.....

Sir Humphrey said...

oh come now gents - Desley is not running but stu ETU has the numbers to launch his own bid for incumbency. The question is will the punters believe he could change a thing regarding an asset sale - hahahaha