Tuesday 29 September 2009

A letter from the new Car Wash Cafe owner

  • 29 September 2009 08:27

    Hi Mike,

    Someone has bought to my attention the recent comments on CairnsBlog under In orderly development - Barron and Freshwater Delta regarding my business owing people/other businesses in town money.

    I am a little miffed by such comments as I know them to be un-true. I would like it if they could be removed please.

    Paul Freebody has not owned the carwash cafe for nearly 2 years now and we still manage to get dragged into the debates regarding him.

    A lot of people put themselves out there to cop this sort of criticism and comments but I do not. I am not here to make an enemy or bring my business anymore un-necessary publicity.

    The comments have no merit or justification behind them and they insult me and my business.

    Kind Regards
    Matthew Ogilvie
    Managing Director
    Car Wash Cafe

I have honoured Matthew's request and edited or removed the offending comments from “Smithfield Sam,” “Nick” and “Factman.”

If readers have particular issues with the business, I suggest they email Matthew directly, or telephone 4053 4399.

I remind everyone about the CairnsBlog Posting Comments Policy.


Up the HIll in Whitfield said...

This statement by Matt Ogilvie is misleading at best. He isn't technically correct that Paul Freebody doesn't own the carwash - the new owners of the business are basically just "leasing" the business from the Freebody family. The "deal" that Freebody was demanding when the carwash was "for sale" kept him in control of the business and building.

Veritas said...

Wow...more misleading misinformation by Freebody then!

His spin on neo- fascist McKenzie and Cairns Post is that he has sold everything up and invested his silver in the ill fated Waterpark fiasco.

With all this and other uncertainty a comment on this Blog is all it would take ex Councillor Freebody to clear the air. i think it would be in your interest.