Wednesday 23 September 2009

Big fun-filled Council agenda

Today's Cairns Regional Council meeting is packed full of big ticket items.

Freebody's water park is on the agenda. Councillors are now presented with two recommendations, which is rare, but not uncommon. If this extreme flood site is allowed to be used, it will set a precedent without debate, and subsequent applications would be almost impossible to be refused. There will be more that are waiting in the wings to develop the cheap flood-prone cane land on the Barron Delta that many farmers want to flick off.

I remind Councillors, that their task is one of planning seriously for the future. Why would a 70-page report be prepared with an over-whelming amount of supporting evidence saying that this land use change is absolutely wrong for this development?

There's another submission from CEC's Roy Lavis, for the controversial sub-dividing of his hillside mansion, that has a a massive number of neighbouring residents against the plan.

False Cape is also back on the agenda, where Council must decide a path forward to again spend another $150,000 to prepare the land for the wet season, whilst the former owner runs away in disgrace.

There's also an unusual application by the AFL for an outdoor sport short term accommodation at 75 Buchan Street, in an industrial area.

There's also a "negotiated decision", these are always of particular concern. This one is for a multi-unit housing near the Canopy's Edge development, at Smithfield. Offices are recommending this one not be approved, but do we have faith in our Councillors, who would hardly ever get their boots dirty and view the site.

Should be fun. Better pack the sandwiches and watch who I sit next to in the public gallery.

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Jude Johnston said...

Well the Water Park has been deferred until the next P & E Meetng. And yes it is interesting who you nearly sit next to.