Friday 18 September 2009

Sno back, confused and vacant

During this week's Council meetings, Division 8 Councillor Sno Bonneau returned from a month's overseas leave, with bundles of unopened agenda and minutes under his arm.

As the meetings proceeded, he was busy opening envelopes and trying to find the right pages about what the heck was going on.

"We waited for him to find the right minute and discussion item all morning, it was embarrassing," one Councillor told CairnsBlog. "I feel for those people in that division, it's really sad for them."

Sno Bonneau wasn't around for a whole month.

A Trinity Park resident told CairnsBlog that when she rang Council about an issue, was told to ring her Councillor, "no one knew where he was," she said.

So who was looking after those residents he represents? Was someone taking his calls? Where were his calls being put through to?

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nocturnal congress said...

He has a lyrical name (he wisely changed it from Max Brown) which people LOVE to say, over and over, and one which they will therefore always remember. He also manages to avoid controversy and doesn't pop his head up too many times. Thus, the Councillors who are out there in the rough and tumble, ie Schier, Leu, Lesina, Pyne, Blake etc are constantly before the public, thus attracting bouquets and brickbats. People form opinions from this. Bonneau, on the other hand, by not involving himself in any "hard" or controversial issues is viewed by the public as therefore "good."
It is a winning formulae, cunning deceitful and self-serving, but highly successful in public office.