Wednesday 9 September 2009

New False Cape photos reveal destruction

Aerial photographs of False Cape, taken for Cairns Regional Council by local photographer Daryl Jones on the weekend, show a land scarred and ready for more wet season damage, unless some urgent work is undertaken.

Cairns Regional Council officers inspected the site last week to assess the erosion and sediment traps that were installed and repaired a year ago.

They reported:
  • The fence at the site entry gates has been cut, allowing access into the site.
  • Overall observations of the site indicated that regrowth had occurred, with grasses and Acacia species growing in most of the disturbed areas.
  • The majority of rock dams are half filled with soil and grass and trees are now growing in side the dams. The geotextile fabric lining these dams has disintegrated and perished in areas.
  • The sediment fences along the lower road of Stage One have perished in places and are no longer adequately constructed.
  • The lower road has been subject to a small bush fire and the road has now been blocked by a tree and access by vehicle is not possible.
  • The top road of Stage One has road is also inaccessible by vehicle.

It is understood that Council officers will prepare a 'Fact sheet' for potential buyers, as the receiver advises that the property will go on the market within the next two weeks.

"Given that it is going to be put on the market, we need to have a clear understanding of the facts and obligations for future owners," Peter Tabulo, Acting Chief Executive Officer says.


Northern Beaches Warrior said...

Ugly and damaged for ever!

The top of Foley Road, now looks exactly the same. Only diff is that owner of that property has now perched two big green water tanks at the top (all ready to come tumbling down the mountain once the wet season starts).

Steve Mercer's mob at the EPBC in Canberra have done nothing to save any of the hillslopes, wetland areas or coastal creeks from developers and that is another disgrace.

What hope has our environment got when the top dogs allow and condone such destruction? Closely followed by the State Govt depts and then our own Council.

In Tuesday's paper, I saw where residents of Trinity Park are now screaming over the removal of rainforest and mature trees at the Multiplex development, all sanctioned by our very own EPA.

With Sno Bonneau as Councillor in that Division and, Multiplex, firmly in Bonneau's pocket, I am sure residents would have received zero support from him and probably got told a whole pack of lies.

Nothing has changed it would seem!

Maximinuis the 3d said...

Is Bonneau back from his extended European sojourn?

Division 9 remains unrepresented while he visits the cultural ruins of Rome.

The Cairns Regional Council needs to review its policy regarding extended approved leave!

Steven Nowakowski said...

The clearing that is highest up the mountain shouldn't be that high. The developer was only allowed to clear up to 80m above sea level whilst the top clearing is over 95m above sea level. This plus many many many more breaches shows how incompetent the KB administration was in monitoring the development within its own Operation Works Permit guidelines.

False Cape was such a beautiful headland. I had been to False Cape on many occasions just on daybreak and the morning chorus of birds there were some of the best I had ever heard/witnessed.

Everyone must remember that it was Kevin Byrne and his Councilors (except Jason O'Brien) who voted for this reconfiguration of this development so it was more marginally viable for the developer in 2003. The vote was won contrary to the advice from the Council's own planning department that this was a nightmare.!

Jude Johnston said...

Hey Northern Beach Warrior, it didn't stop at Bluewater either. Just yesterday Council voted a preliminary approval for the beach front at end of Reed Road. Same old same old, erosion prone, vegetation. Plan in the future for 2 hotels and associated swimming pools, town houses. So much for the new Coastal Management Plan, not building in areas prone to flooding, or those that could be affected by rising seal levels and climate change.

Northern Beaches Warrior said...

Hey Jude

Thats a song isn't it?????

I would love to see rising "seal levels" at the ocean front off Reed road instead of hotels, swimming pools, town houses etc.

Jude Johnston said...

Tell you what NBW if we had rising "seal levels" we really would have "climate change". Sorry for the typo, should never touch the keyboard before coffee.