Tuesday 22 September 2009

Cairns youth scheme threatened with closure

The co-ordinator of the Cairns Youth Mentoring Scheme is calling for the community to get behind the programme that will close in three months due to Government withdrawing funding.
John Shay says a "call to action" is required to save the programme that supports and encourages young people in our community.
"The scheme will be closing at the end of December due to lack of funding, however this does not necessarily need to happen," John Shay says.
He says the Cairns Youth Mentoring Scheme is primarily run by the community, as all mentors are volunteers and that is where the majority of work is done.
"Over the years the scheme has impacted the lives of hundreds of young people and mentors alike," Shay says. "Providing the Cairns community with a valuable service, which in the event of the scheme closing, would leave a huge hole. There is a way to continue the programme and avoid closure, and it would require many hands to make light work," John Shay says.
He is asking the community and those who volunteers to help it become Incorporated.
"The scheme will become an entity in its own right and be able to be run by the community in a new and empowered way," he says.
"I ask the community to honestly consider being involved in this exciting opportunity and to save a valuable service from becoming a statistic."
The Scheme requires around $80,000 to run annually, which funds a full-time co-ordinator and resources. Education Queensland assists with office facilities at it's Clarke Street Flexible Learning Centre.
The mentoring program is for those from 12-21 years, who perceive they have a need related to personal issues, education, work or achievement. The Scheme offers a mentoring approach and matches adults with young people, like the African Proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child.
The Scheme deals with self-esteem and resilience; opportunities for participation in work, education, training and community life, and also connection with family and peers.
There will be a public meeting soon to decide the way forward. If you want to know more, you can contact John at the Cairns Youth Mentoring Scheme on 4041 5844 or via email.

"There is no obligation to do anything if you come to the meeting, even if you are interested in knowing what is going on I would encourage you to come along," John Shay says.

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Lillian at Yorkeys said...

This is an extremely valuable service/programme. Which govt. has done the dastardly defunding Mike - State or Federal?
Exactly what support does the crew need?