Friday 11 September 2009

Another reason not to park at Cairns Central

Police have released this photo of the suspect wanted for the attempted abduction at Cairns Central car park, Thursday afternoon.
The 56-year-old woman was attacked in the car park, where her car was on the ground level.
This nut tried to force his way into the driver seat, then attempted to lock the vehicle from the inside, grabbed the woman around the face.
He then pulled the woman into the rear seat, however the lady luckily escaped, and some shoppers came to help her.
This violent attacker was chased on foot, but dashed up a fire escape.
He is described as Caucasian, 30 - 35 years of age, medium height, medium to olive complexion and short dark hair. He was wearing blue jeans and light coloured striped shirt.

Contact Crime Stoppers on 4030 7153 or 1800 333 000.


Anonymous said...
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Cairns Resident said...

All I can say is, what were the security doing!? They are a bloody joke in that place! The ground level is right where the main security office is as well, This shouldn't happen!

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

I've never seen a security officer at Central, or any of the other carparks in town. I must admit I've always felt a little nervous in such carparks, & thus tend to keep an increased awareness when I have to use them. I try & park on the street when I can. Poor woman, how horrible. Great that some ordinary citizens came to her assistance - so often people tend to ignore situations such as this.
Hope the cops get the lowlife, & I also hope he doesn't get Justice Sarah Bradley as his judge - she'll probably give him 100 hours of community service for the attack.

cutting hedge said...

lillian I sat in the bottom carpark waiting for my wife to buy myers yesterday, outside the myers end. And the amount of women in the bottom carpark arriving on their own amazed me , it fell on deaf ears the calls to be alert ! They were reading their phones and day dreaming , also saw to blokes on bikes pedalling aimlessly around in circles ,doing bugger all , no security in sight .

The Essence of Good Taste said...

I refuse to give up my independence for any low life. If I can travel alone throughout the world why shouldn't I visit Cairns Central or any other part of Cairns unaccompanied. I use my brain and my nob verbal cues to communicate confidence and 'no nonsense'. And who, pray tell, am I going to ask to accompany me to the shops anyway? Maybe Cutting Hedge, would like to donate himself as a shopping trolly... It was silly comment to request women visiting the centre should park near the doors - I'm sure 70+% of Central users are women and they all can't park next to the doors... maybe they'll be able to after the permanents move out this week :) Hope so, I'm looking forward to being able to get a car park quickly and lowering my carbon emissions.

Bryan Law said...

I went to Cairns Central today to see (by their absence) just how many free-loaders had been parking there. Absolutely amazing. The car-park is now near empty, and parks are freely available right next to the entrances.

If you're staying for less than two hours, it doesn't cost anything, and you don't have to do anything except take a ticket on the way in and put it back on the way out - without leaving your car.

It's good to see the parasites gone. I just hope they don't start bludging off rate-payers money now by insisting that the Council gives them free or subsidised parking. They might like to try moving to Townsville instead.

In terms of safety I agree with Lillian. There's a lot that women can do to ward off bad attention, in ways that don't compromise freedom of movement.

There are already enough fear-mongers and helpless victims in the world. We don't need any more.

Bryan Outlaw said...

If there's anyone that can recognise freeloaders and parasites, it's Bryan Law.

Bryan Law said...

Too kind, Mr Outlawski, too kind!

Bryan Outlaw said...

It's noteworthy that Bryan Law believes attaching an ethnic label to my name is his way of using ethnicity and race to attack people.

What do you have against the Poles, Mr. Law?

Zanzara said...

Bryan Outlaw...did you forget to take your medication last night/this morning or are you an insomniac. Fancy contributing to the Blog at 4.31am!!

Unknown said...

What do you have against the Poles ?

Dear Outlaw,

Are they North Poles, South Poles or Bipolar Poles ?

Bryan Law said...

Mr Outlawski, are you seriously trying to tell me your real name is Bryan Outlaw and you get offended if someone messes around with it? I mean fuck me with a football player, but I thought your whole schtick was use a parody of my name as a way to have a cheap shot. Or is that cheap shotski?

Unknown said...

Bryan and Bryan. I think the two of you are "Poles" apart.