Wednesday 30 September 2009

A real eyeful

According to a CairnsBlog reader, the October edition of the Cairns Post's monthly magazine, Cairns Eye (it used to be weekly) is way too risque.
The headlines say "look hot at every age," "flirty at 30," "women on top," "strippers secret lives," and "designer corsets."
"Judging by the advertised content of the Cairns Eye displayed on its front cover this morning, future issues could be in a sealed brown wrapper for adults only," my correspondent writes.
The Cairns Eye is inserted in the paper free every month, and is largely another advertising vehicle.
"What a load of trash to foist on the Cairns public and what a waste of Compost money. If this rubbish has to be published it should be an optional pick up on street corners, or gutters."
Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder, maybe.


Tony Hillier said...

Aghhh yes, 'Cairns High', the usual colour mag mutton dressed up as, well, mutton. No substance and precious little style. The blind leading the blind. The same bleedingly obvious format ... fashion, food, floss, falsehoods and lashings of sex, of course. Methinks your correspondent missed the tackiest headline of the year (viz 'Show Us Your Tats!'). Nuff said!

Unknown said...

It looks like mutton and it smells like mutton, it must be "the CAIRNS EWE" !

nocturnal congress said...

Me, me, me, me, myself, my journey (ugh, I'm going to bloody barf if I hear "my journey" again....) Cairns Eye panders to the narcissist. It is the Century of the Self after all.

Jonkey said...

I wonder how you people would cope if something really unpleasant happened in your lives? They're obviously pretty stress-free if all you've got to complain about is the editorial content of a free magazine.

What were you saying about narcissism, nocturnal congress?

Tony Hillier said...

Jonkey methinks your thinking is wonky! Media outlets will never rise above the lowest common denominator without (justifiable in this case) commentary and criticism. People's thought processes are fashioned by the dross and minutiae thrown at them by the populist "meedya".

Buster Gonads said...

TH, Nick & Nocturnal:

It would seem that you all need this issue as it might brighten up your somewhat dull lives...

TH you remind me of the viz character Millie Tant!

Tony Hillier said...

Dear Mr Gonads,

Thankyou for your concern, but I can assure you that my life is anything but dull. In fact, it has never been brighter!

Who da hell is viz character to which you allude?

Unknown said...

"It would seem that you all need this issue"

And so do you apparently... since you felt compelled to comment.

Jonkey said...

"Jonkey methinks your thinking is wonky!" Typically clever word-crafting from an ex-sub. Also: "meedya". Outstanding work!

And I don't agree that your lives are dull. They might be exceedingly bright, but they're definitely hollow. Like a lightbulb, if you will.

nocturnal congress said...

To Jonkey and Gonads, it might surprise you to learn that life isn't about me, me, me, me, moi and my genitals. What excitement is there in exploring yourself as you "journey" the length of the mirror and back again? Frankly, there's something lacking in people if they believe "CairnsEye" brightens up a persons day. Sending off some emails supporting the Queensland Nurses Union in their campaign for more aged care Nurses was something which brightened MY day today!! Go girls, go!

The Headless Horseman said...

As someone who is suffering MFP (moral panic fatigue), I am not entirely indisposed to the Cairns Eye's prediliction towards sex. However, I aree with the great wordsmith and philosopher, Nocturnal Congress, when he or she writes that the magazine is pandering to the "Me Generation". It has a narrow focus and is teeteing very close to "Zoo" territory for my liking.

Disgusted said...

The crap is not only confined to the print media, anyone noticed what is on TV lately.

Well we have a number of intelligent and engrossing programs coming our way.

1. Secret Millionaire, where millionairs con poor or vulnerable people into thinking they are someone else, and they after they gain their trust and make a TV program, they give the poor sods a chque for some palty amount.....and leave their faces recognisable across Australia, "oh so you were that poor sod on TV, how much did you get again?"

2. then there is the new matchmaking show between real bimbos and computer geeks whereby the geeks teach the bimbos a thing or two??

3. Oh and last but not least, another new TV reality show about some high flying CEO who is going to hire a new executive assistant. Of course there is a parade of hopefuls, probably none with the right quals to start with but who are all going to bitch and play foul to get the job.
A spin off on the Donald Trump show from the US.

What kind of morons watch this crap? We are turning into a world of "idjits" and idiocracy rules.

Is there anyone with any brains and moral fibre in TV land anymore, or are they too, this new breed of "turk" with no empathy or respect towards their fellow countryman and sex sells mentality?

Margaret Pestorius said...

I hate the plastic surgery advertisements. Grrrr

nocturnal congress said...

Disgusted, the success of the "Hey Hey It's Saturday" reunion on Wednesday, may be an indication that Australians are over the reality TV drivel forced on us by the USA television industry. Let's hope so anyway!
The continuing success of Susan Boyle is again proof the world is tired of the sex packaging of entertainers, and that we want REAL talent.