Tuesday 29 September 2009

SBS About Women, this Wednesday

The SBS documentary, "About Women" that featured Val Schier and her four-year quest to become Cairns' first female mayor, will screen tomorrow night.

The unique documentary series focused on several Australian woman. This week's episode was filmed in the lead up to the inaugural Cairns Regional Council election in February and March last year.

Wednesday's episode blurb says....
  • The Third Age is described thus: Can the ‘crone’ years bring peace and freedom? Mayoral contender Val. Breast cancer survivor Ruth. Same sex couple Denise and Bernie. Jennifer accepting her own mortality.
"Unfortunately, a day's footage shot in Tasmania ended up on the editor's cutting room floor," Val Schier says. "A lot of water has gone under the bridge in the last 18 months since it was filmed. Hope you enjoy it," she says.

Four weeks of filming by Iris Pictures, commissioned by SBS, tailed Val Schier to make an 'absorbing and intimate snapshot of what it means to be female in Australia today.'

Put on the Lentil soup, roll out the doona (or eiderdown), and curl up for a unique televisual feast.
  • 8.30pm: SBS Wednesday 30th Sept


Haircut 100 said...

I watched this televisual feminwank last night. Is this the person we elected as mayor?
God help those poor Fu%kers that were dumb enough to run on her team.
I suppose she is going to tell us now that all the intelligent stuff was edited out...

David Anthony said...

Had Val Schier not been one of the participants in "About Women" on SBS, I would have been certain to have missed an excellent and insightful documentary about modern women.
It was refreshing to get up close and personal with our Mayor whose honesty and good humour made for good television.
Her segments centering on her ultimately successful election campaign added suspense to the episodic film, giving it the backbone to maintain viewer interest.
The other segment I enjoyed was the grandmother and her grandkids enjoying each other's company as they plan her funeral.
All the women featured let us into a personal and private side of their lives that perhaps not too many people would feel comfortable about doing.
Well done to all who took part.

Alison Alloway said...

I, too, enjoyed the SBS program, albeit I was flicking back and fro to watch the "Hey Hey It's Saturday" reunion!!
Yes, seeing Val on the program was refreshing. She allowed us to see her without make-up, sometimes not looking so good, sometimes down, tired and anxious.
I liked the profile on the woman living on a sheep station in remote Queensland. Despite her long, hard hours, she found time to involve herself with community activities. A rose of a woman!! More power to SBS and their documentaries on Australians!

Anonymous said...

Haircut 100 - just the fact that you use the term "feminwank" to describe the program on SBS last night shows that you are a real wanker. Women don't make fools of men - most of them are the do-it-yourself types. You're one of those.

not impressed said...

The mayoral aspirant agonising over whether to wear the slinky dress or the one that revealed some cleavage- is that really "what it means to be female in Australia today"?

Am not sure how twittering about her self professed best feature(feet) escaped the cutting room, unless it was because there really wasn't any real substance in her story.

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Geez, Not Impressed - anyone in the public eye makes decisions about their clothing, & what messages it gives out. Even conservatively-dressed (suit) blokes decide whether it's the red, or yellow, or blue or whatever tie.

Seeing how women in the public eye are picked over with regards to their clothing/haircut etc., yes, it does take up a portion of the day. Simple as that.