Friday 25 September 2009

Kevin “bloody” Rudd

David Farrar of KiwiBlog says the generally profane language from Prime Ministers can often land them in trouble, but when they use it against their own colleagues, Farrar suspects the public is far more approving.
  • The factional leaders had gone to see the Prime Minister in his Parliament House office to object to government plans to slash MPs’ printing allowances from $100,000 to $75,000 a year. The decision was in response to a report into parliamentary perks by the Auditor-General.

    According to sources present, Mr Rudd said: “I don’t care what you f—ers think!”

Even better, he swore at MPs protesting against his reducing their perks. Definitely a poll bump on the way.

  • He then went on, singling out Senator David Feeney declaring, “You can get f—ed”, before asking, “Don’t you f—ing understand?”

I suspect the Senator now does.


Hozon said...

Good on you Kev.I'm glad he ripped it into those snout in the trough bludgers. There should be more of it. He's got a lot of work ahead of him. And please don't get all sensitive about the language. I've heard just as bad from the likes of holier than thou "shit sandwich" Abbott and the obnoxious foul mouthed Heffernen.

davidahood (via Twitter) said...

What about Dirty Kev?

Thaddeus said...

On yer Ruddy, or as the Tories call him "Kruddy". Get right up 'em!!!