Wednesday 9 September 2009

Sack Sandilands for good

Just three weeks after setting up an under-age girl about her sex life, to learn that she'd been raped, Kyle Sandilands has today been suspended by Sydney station 2Day FM after making a joke about a concentration camp.

Magda Szubanski, who recently underwent a dramatic weight-loss, was told by Sandilands that she would lose more "in a concentration camp".

"That's what all fat people say. Put her in a concentration camp and watch. She could be skinny," Sandilands said.

"I couldn't give two hoots about what Kyle says about me, but to trivialise what happened to people in concentration camps is abhorrent," Szubanski said whose father was a Polish fighter and hunted down Nazis, according to Patrick Horan in the Sun Herald.

Singer Renee Geyer was distraught when she telephoned Radio 3AW and recalled her family's Holocaust story. She broke down in tears said there was no excuse for the comments.

Like last month's on-air gaffe, Sandilands said it was "just one one of those moments when live radio happens".

He lost his Australian Idol stint. Dump the idiot for good.

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