Wednesday 9 September 2009

Justice prevails for Chris Illingworth

Another great local blog, FNQ Home, writes about Queensland Police's move to prosecute Chris Illingworth, a Maryborough man, for posting a YouTube video of a swinging baby.

Illingworth was charged with "using a carriage service to transmit child abuse material." He did did not make the video himself, and is not the person in the video, he merely posted a copy of the video.

Here's what he writes regarding the content of the original video...
  • "There’s little question that the conduct in the video was stupid – the man is far too vigorous in the swinging and the one-armed stuff is particularly bad with such a young child, though we should note that the baby is happy throughout.

    The man was prosecuted, but claimed it resulted from psychological problems and was freed on condition he seek counselling.

    It’s a little scary as I used to swing my nieces in a similar (when they were a bit older, less vigorously, and by two arms, two legs or one arm and one leg) when they were young. I’m sure almost everyone has.

    Back to the Queensland angle… Illingworth was being prosecuted for just sharing the video. He faced up to 20 years in jail for distributing the video, despite the fact he was noting that the conduct shown was irresponsible. Common sense has now prevailed and
    charges have been dropped.

    Illingworth is contemplating legal action against those who brought the charges against him. I think he would be right to pursue such action, and if so I hope he wins.

    The Age
    reported that Queensland Police said "any Australian who simply view the clip could face a maximum of 10 years in jail."

    If that report is accurate, the police are idiots. Sometimes the law makes an ass of itself.

I agree. Here's the video. PS You were warned!


he_with said...

we'll see later on in life when the child has arthritis...

Steven said...

It's a bit too vigorous for my liking but prosecuting the person who posted it?

I guess all the news networks will be prosecuted for all kinds for broadcasting war crimes, cruelty etc?