Wednesday 2 September 2009

Garrett's False Cape suspension decision


Unknown said...

why are we the ratepayers and we the taxpayers paying for remediation. The development company responsible must pay. the authorities must explainj why it is n ot paying and why they are unable to access the bond. why has peter garrett also not released the appendix on sediment run-off conatined in the report his department commissioned on false cape. the department has previously said it would not release the appendidix because it might be evidence in a prosecution. that is bullshit, and garrett knows it. there is never going to be a prosecution, if one hasn't taken place by now. and why are we talking millions of dollars to buy the land back. the land, as we all know, is worthless. hand it back to yarrabah, and hand it back now. i call on cairnsblog to put these matters formally to our two local federal representatives, our four state members, and our local councillors, and demand a public response within two weeks. and forget paul gregory's nonsense: he was a party to the deal that allowed this rubbish liberal national party rort to proceed. he can bloodywell pay for remediation: tell him to put his money where his big useless mouth is.

Steven Nowakowski said...

Here, here.

Gregory, Byrne and Ewens (Reef Cove Honcho) should be paying and they should be pursued through the courts to retrieve money owed to ratepayers.

Unknown said...

steven, it's time the federal greens started asking questions in senate estimates about the appendix to last year's report on false cape. i don't want to hear from you again until you force garrett to instruct his department to make it public.

Steve Brech said...

In reply Colin, I'll just let you know that Bob Brown and The Greens in Canberra are fully informed on the issue of False Cape and the numerous other inappropriate developments up and down the coast of Queensland. They are lobbying at the highest level on this issue. We spoke to Senator Brown about False Cape a fortnight ago when he was in Townsville. Why you would want to silence Steven Nowakowski from speaking further on this matter escapes me.
I encourage you and others to support The Greens in Queensland in the upcoming Federal election. With the election of a Queensland Senator representing The Greens your blunt request to FORCE the Minister to take action will come closer to reality, although I can't see anyone outside of Labor or the buisness elites forcing the Minister to do anything.
Steve Brech

Unknown said...

steve, the greens in canberra have done zip on this. the only politician to take up the cause has been jan mclucas, until she became a member of the executive government and had to cease. lobbying at the highest level sounds just like malcolm turnbull-speak: all hot air and no action. your claim that i am trying to silence steven nowakowski is the claim of a simpleton. i have great faith in him, and fully expect that the next time i hear from him he will have achieved the public release of the appendix that damns DEH's official performance in this issue.