Thursday 7 February 2008

Princess Pussy

I was at Coles Smithfield this evening, stocking up on another week's supply of cat food.

They seem to eat more regular than I.

I like getting real meat for the [names with-held for security reasons] boys and as Dr Paul Matthews of Cairns 1st and Balaclava Veterinary Surgery will tell you, a varied diet is important.

Anyway, I couldn't work out why the Marketing Department at Paws Fresh Roo Mince Pty Ltd has updated the feline photo to include a glamour bling necklace all of a sudden. I'm dead certain that last week Miss Ginger didn't sport such a graceful addition to her neckline.

Do they think this would make buying a kilogram of dead Kangaroo more appealing? Were sales falling because the old Miss Ginger was mistaken for one in Whitefield that was tragically run over by a cream-coloured Landcruiser?

I recall when ABC aired Summer Heights High last year, they were caught out when a real life Annabel came to meet her maker after a drug overdose, that mirrored the huge rating black comedy.

Maybe pusseys need a makeover once in a while, and that's as deep as the story behind the startling new bling on pussy's Paws packet is.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There is something strange when a human being encourages others to kill a kangaroo, mince it up and feed it to their cat. Personally I think cats are a waste of space, especially when they piss on my windscreen. But a lot of people like them, specially in Chow Mien. There may be a market for my book after all. A thousand ways to Wok your cat. (Contibuted by One Hung Low.)