Monday 4 February 2008

Girls are first

Melinda Cox was up at the crack of dawn today.

The Douglas Shire councillor was the first in the region to register as a candidate for the Cairns Regions Council elections.

"I'm ready to show my colours and get on with the job," Melinda told CairnsBlog. "I needed to get this done so I can concentrate on the huge job of knocking on doors in the electorate."

The new Division 10 encompasses Clifton Beach, north to Cape Tribulation and Bloomfield Falls. In addition, all coastal islands are covered by this division from the coast off Miriwinni to Douglas.

"It's a huge job and this area is enormous to cover for one representive'" says Cox.

Asked what the challenges of this election would be, Melinda is quick to highlight that often people think Federal and State politics are similar. "They're not. Local government is all about providing good local infrastructure. Drainage. It's something that is high on the agenda right now. It's all about parks, toilets, roads, sewage, water and of course drainage."

In what is becoming an internet-savvy campaign, Cox is also out their spreading her word via an online blog.

Cox will have a tough four weeks ahead of her with at least five others challenging for the role as Divisional 10 Councillor and the $88,000 a year salary.

It's expected that exsisting Councillors George Pitt, Dave Egan and Rod Davis will also contest the seat, along with Douglas Shire's Acting Ceo Julia Leu as an independant. Bill Phillips-Turner of Mossman Sugar Mill fame will run with the Unity Team.

The first Cairns-based candidate to register with the Electrol Commission office, set up in the De Jarlais Pavilion, Cairns Showgrounds this morning, was Robert Pyne.

Robert, son of previous Mulgrave and Cairns Mayor Tom Pyne, is running for the southern growth suburbs of Division 3, encompassing Woree, Mt Sheridan, Whiterock, and Bayview Gardens.

"I'm looking forward to the campaign, but I effectively started eight months ago," says Pyne who is excited about the prospect of being able to represent his community.

"It would be a real honour," he told CairnsBlog "But it's all about listening and communicating with the people. This is something almost foreign to this current Council."

With only two candidates expected to contest this area, Pyne looks like the clear front runner according to local opinion polling. Deputy Mayor Terry James, who moved to the Mt Sheridan suburb just before Christmas, will also contest this seat. Cairns 1st will not run a candidate, however are endorsing Robert Pyne.

Pyne has launched onto YouTube and distributed numerous community newsletters in an effort to get his message out over the last year. He has enjoyed star media attention in numerous publications from City Life, Southern Herald and the Cairns Post and Sun.

"Unlike my opponent, I've been engaging and meeting with thousands of local residents for a long time," says Robert.

"May the best man win," says Robert, "but that hardly gives Terry a good omen!" he said cheekily.


Anonymous said...

Factman Says,

Oh My god! Just because I’m not posting any comments on this site you’ve lost your ability to comment!
Here you go, Kev you’re a winger,
Terry James is a great bloke,
Gary Schofield doesn’t talk a load of bullshit,
Sno Bonneau is NOT a member of the Unity team,
Paul Peabody can spell proper good,
Kathy Plath was dux of her schoole.
If that isn’t enough to help folks extract their digits and start typing god help you all

Enough Rope

Anonymous said...

It is all a bit scary up here in hicksville when you city folk can't even bother to get the name of the Wujal Wujal Shire right on and official document.


Anonymous said...

luv any post with the word wankers in it, kudos to it. When will Mr Moore have a post of the week award? When!!!??