Monday 4 February 2008

Blocked by an angel

I forwarded this comment to a number of folk, including the Douglas Shire and Cairns Mayor's office, that was posted to the story Girls are first.

Sent: Monday, 4 February 2008 10:02 PM
Subject: [Cairns] New comment on your Blog - 'Girls are first'.

HEY DICKHEADS has left a new comment on your post "
Girls are first":

It is all a bit scary up here in hicksville when you city folk can't even bother to get the name of the Wujal Wujal Shire right on and official document.

W ** KERS!

Posted by HEY DICKHEADS to at Mon Feb 04, 1:00PM

Within minutes, I received an automatic response:

Sent: Monday, 4 February 2008 10:12 PM
Subject: Your email message was blocked

Do not reply to this automatic notification email!

The following email message was blocked by Cairns City Council's MailMarshal:

Subject: FW: [Cairns] New comment on Girls are first.
Message: B47a701290000.000000000001.0001.mml

Because it may contain unacceptable language, or inappropriate material.

Sender: Please send another email and remove possibly offensive content.

Recipient: If you believe the message is business related, please log a call via the IS Portal (Support / Common Call - type Email release). If no call is logged within 30 days the message will be automatically deleted.

MailMarshal Rule: Content Security (Inbound) : Block Unacceptable Language

NetIQ MailMarshal.
Email Content Security

Prior to sending the original email, I removed the word WANKERS! and replaced it with W**KERS! to avoid such blocking.

Maybe it was the Aboriginal place name "Wujal Wujal" that Cairns City Council computers found 'unacceptable language' or 'offensive'?

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Anonymous said...


I'm very experienced with MailMarshal filtering software, it is all fully automated and it won't be "fooled" by a few asterisks or modified characters :P

Having said that, they appear to be running quite an old version, NetIQ sold it over a year (maybe 2 now) ago to "Marshal Software"

Its a great product if you're in the market for content filtering and anti-spam :P