Sunday, 25 November 2007

Reap what you sew

Howard and Hockey looked liked school children who had been thrown into the detention room last night.

After years in government, the public wanted a change. They wanted Kyoto ratified. They wanted movement on aboriginal affairs. They wanted our troops back in Australia. And they wanted an end to laws that treated workers second place to the employer.

It was a night where the people spoke, and with some major defeats, including the Prime Minister's seat of Bennelong where former ABC polictio Maxine McKew turfed out Howard, the first time a sitting PM has lost his seat since 1929, the upsets were many. He has held the seat since being elected to Parliament in 1974.
Now comes the hard work. Labor will need to start its deliverance of change promptly. Like any radical change in government, the Labor Party will now need to balance an economy that we've been reasonably happy with and have benefited from, but start going through their shopping list of change.
Putting their (our) money where their mouth is in the next 100 days, will be the true test of this new leadership.

Top on the list will be abolition of Work Choices. Goodbye and good riddance.
It was a system primarily in favour of the business, and there was little to suggest that the previous system harmed economic growth to the extent that penalty rates, leave and termination provisions needed stripping away.
Here's Rudd's victory speech. He talks of turning a new page in Australian politics
"I want to thank all those people in Australia who have placed their trust in me and my team," said Rudd. "I say tonight to the nation: 'I will never take their sacred trust for granted'.
"I will be a prime minister for all Australians. It's time for a new page to be written in our nation's history."


Anonymous said...

With labor from top to bottom in government, there are no excuses, lets see immediate action on health, education and infrastructure that have been promised.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous above, let's start spending some serious cash instead of the bullshit tax cuts. People don't want tax cuts, they want better roads, better internet, better mass transit, better hospitals, better schools, better EVERYTHING. Even if they've got to run up some debt, it's time to loosen the purse strings and start spending some serious dollars. With Labor across the whole spectrum, it's like having the communists in power running a command economy.

Anonymous said...

How about with-drawing troops from Iraq IMMEDIATELY and spending the savings on our hospitals.

Anonymous said...

The Labor govt in Qld need to start with Rockhampton Hospital and fix the systemic and people failures in that hospital pronto. It is not good enough that a two year old boy died whilst waiting to be diagnosed with a condition that was surgically treatable. It is also not good enough that a previous fit, healthy 35 year old male died from a blood clot after waiting two weeks to have a fractured leg treated. The Hospital administrators who annouced on national TV that they were NOT responsible for this man's death, need instant sacking.

These deaths should not be blamed on lack of resources alone. Incompetence and failure to provide adequate and proper clinical care are very much evident in these two examples and there are no excuses acceptable.

Chilla said...

As we take a short break to bask in the warm, mango coloured hues of the dawn of this. our Brave New World, let's not stray to long or far from the fact that the Evil One and his Disciples of Greed are yet to be dealt with. Yes friends, and while I'm sorry to put a negative thought into a positive day,forget not that the other Kevin, the Anti-Kev, stlll lurks in the shadows .. waiting .. waiting .. and watching.

Anonymous said...

and let's not forget that Rudd does not control the Senate nor does it look like he will.

someone who really, really likes that Men At Work song, Overkill. said...

howard worked was a chinese government/chinese secret service man just like Rudd is. You all think I'm a bloody idiot, Eh? - you will, oddly, recall this messsage years from now.
Run to to the hills!, the Chinese will move in within 10-20 years.
PS. I was talking to Holt just the other day and he is in total agreement.

Anonymous said...

Bask in the glory today, as tomorrow our interest rates are set to rise again...according to the Sunday Mail.
Please explain Kevin 07...thought you could fix that heh?
Be very frightened general public Labor were conned by the cute little Qlder Kevin 07 !!

Anonymous said...

The Banks have already said they would be raising interest rates.
This was anniounced before the election.

JJ said...

RE BASK IN THE GLORY... you lost mate and your ignorance of fact proves you to be a very sore loser. Rate rises were predicted as almost inevitable as soon as the last rise mid election campaign was announced. Some economists and banks say possibly 2.. (1 near xmas and another near february) How can you blame Rudd when Howard was in power??? Mate you need to go read a bit more before you open your mouth. How convenient it would be for you libs to forget that bit of the, global warming, WMD's etc etc your lies for 3 years when you get another go!

Bryan Law said...

I reckon the Chaser got i right. It's taken 12 years for Labor to builder a younger and more phoyogenic version of Howard - but now we've got him, Howard PM can go on forever.

If Julia Gillard gets control of the Secret Police, I predict death squads on the streets within two years.

Poor Fella My Country

Anonymous said...

Now we have entch saying he has set a high bench mark for Jim Tourner, what a drop kick, we will all see how that bench mark looks when the gov investigates the funding for dairy company in Malanda.
byrne carrying on how he will make sure that labor honours the road funding to south, please somebody tell him he won't be around.
The toughies, what a joke.