Monday 4 February 2008

Warning: Family pics ahead

In an effort to get a little closer to you all, I thought I'd open the family album and share a pic from my past.
Here I am with dad and mum, and my three brothers (a good Catholic family!) in 1967.
Bet you can't pick me.
It was Christmas time and we were shopping in New Brighton Shopping Mall, which has undergone several transformations since the Moore family was snapped here on this sunny December afternoon. Now it's a one way street that intergrates shoppers and very little traffic.
You can see the Mays Road - New Brighton Christchurch Transport Board bus, however vehicles were blocked in the 80's and the entire street became pedestrian mall.
In the background you'll see Gracies the drapery, and it's still trading there today.
Those were the days.

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