Friday 1 February 2008

Rough stuff from Weipa

You just don't know where your friends are these days.

A CairnsBlog follower in far off Weipa, contacted me today about his new blog.

Seems like the Top Dog who set up the fun and questioning new Weipa Watchdog blog has irrked a few locals already. Rio Tinto, the massive aluminium bauxite mine in town isn't that impressed with welcoming the dog into the local media community. They have already blocked access to the website on work computers.

Weipa Watchdog is a tongue-in-cheek blog that "seeks to entertain and occasionally report." They encourange anyone who has a gripe or an opinion, to comment on their blog. You can also email the Top Dog.

Watchdog is where "rumours and rants rule the roost. If you like a good snarl then you've come to the right place. This is your chance to have your say.."

There's a raft of intersting articles about the local community. They are running a few silly polls like, What do kids in Wepia need? Well maintained play grounds; Water in the swimming pool; Cheap booze & drugs; A good thrashing.

It's great to see new independant journalism emerging questioning the status quo and sparking local discussion about things that traditional media won't touch.

Keep up the good work lads! Glad that CairnsBlog gave you some inspiration!

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