Friday 1 February 2008

Pathetic Apathy

I was going to post a story about how apathetic people are in Cairns about the upcoming Council election, but I really couldn't be arsed.


Anonymous said...

You've hit the nail on the head here Mike. We're a pretty nonchalant mob up here by nature, and couldn't be arsed about much at all, but its those that are apathetic towards the council elections are the ones that are more likely to vote for the name they recognise most. Its the apathetic that have got KB over the line in the past 2 elections because his campaign is almost 10 times as large as the next best candidate. There is a large percentage of the local population who couldn't give a rats about this election, they'll just turn up on polling day thinking..'Hmm, now I have to bloody well vote, who's these people?, Kevin Byrne?, yeah I've heard of him, his ads are everywhere, haven't a clue what he stands for and really couldn't give a shit, but I have heard of him so I may as well vote for him'. Thats the votes that the developers are paying for, and it has worked so far. Fortunately for Val, KB and his team have dug their own hole, by their actions and words have demonstrated time and time again over the last 8 years that they really are not worthy of being in control of this beautiful part of the world, and no amount of advertising is going to swing enough votes their way.

Anonymous said...

the other thing that adds to KB's chances of getting re-elected apart from apathy, is all the new locals that have moved here in the last 12 months or so. These people see all the progress and KB's name everywhere, and think, "He must be doing something right." .. These people need to be educated about what he has done to the local area and show them someone else to vote for.

Anonymous said...

What No Factman comment!!!

He knows more about arses than arses know about arses.
How to kiss them
How to lick them clean
How to repeatedly shove his head up KB's arse.
How to arange his face so it looks like one.
Oh what a waste of time this, almost as much of a waste of time as KB running for re-election.

Hey did anyone pick the joke??
KB running, the fat so and so couldn't run if his boy told him too!

Anonymous said...

Paul - do you mean all the new residents that have come here to live permanently, or those here for the building boom? How many of them are eligible to vote here? I do agree though that if you aren't aware of this Council's antics you probably would be swayed by the big Kev signs. Or maybe the apathy, or maybe they might think as we did when we arrived here, that the local councillor would be on our side and look after our interests - as "Anonymous" so succinctly put it, Bwah hahahahahaha.