Tuesday 5 February 2008

Do unto others

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Premier, The Hon. Mz Anna Bligh MP
The Deputy Premier The Hon. Paul Lucas.
The Leader of the Opposition, Lawrence Springborg
The Director, Environmental Protection Agency,
The Hon Desley Boyle Member for Cairns and former Heritage Minister.

Dear Madam and Sirs,

Someone has not been reading my mail. I still haven’t received a reply to the letter I wrote to Paul Lucas on 21st December 2007!

All I can say is, well Minister its too late for the Aquatic but not too late for the angst we are going to cause you for ignoring us.

I, Robert Ewart Williams of 28 Lake Placid Road Caravonica Queensland 4878, hereby formerly request that the Environmental Protection Agency carry out an immediate survey of Trinity Inlet and its environs, and publicly report to us on the state of the waterways.

In Particular:

  1. The state of the drainage coming in from the Cairns City Councils areas. Such as (Chinaman’s Creek etc.)
  2. The dangerous wrecks in the waterways on the Inlet notified to The Hon Paul Lucas more than 2 years ago and still left there as a lethal objects.
  3. The disgraceful demolition of the buildings that once graced the approaches to the wharf and which were the talking point of many tourists and passengers on the Orient Line and others.

    The areas were entrusted to the Cairns Port Authority, Cairns City Council and the State Government and they promised to look after it and our views and interests under the Trinity Inlet Waterways Agreement. (TIW).

    We have no confidence that they can be trusted.


  4. The disgraceful state of White’s Shed. A Historical building entrusted to the Cairns Port Authority under the Queensland Heritage Act.



The disgraceful state of the Historic Electric Clock on the Wharf Shed.

The report should be transparent and open and disclose the intention of the Cairns City Council, The Cairns Port Authority and the Queensland State Government.

The report should explain why the people we entrusted with our assets and lives have done these things without fully consulting us and listening to what we want as the owners, electors, taxpayers and ratepayers of this land.

Yours faithfully,

Rob Williams j.p.(Qual.)

28 Lake Placid Road, Caravonica
Cairns Qld 4878
Mobile 0418 774 175


Anonymous said...

You are 100% right as to how bad this situation is.
What is of interest is that I believe it has nothing to do with Cairns City Council and everything to do with the State Government.
They can stop this, they can fix this and they can take credit for having the vision to stop our waterfront becoming a highrise nightmare.
Get onto the State Labor members and see how many are interested in getting involved.
Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Iceman, the crucial lack of support in any way from the Cairns City Coucil have made the State Govt act the way they have. So - they are part of this whole sad situation.

They have NEVER represented our community, NEVER.

So, you have to accept that with their - and Mayor Byrne's lack of public support - who are mean't to advocate and repreent for a community - they backed their highrise building mates - all the way to the bank.

THis Mayor has a trail of developers kickbacks all over him, and thi sis yet another one of them.

Cairns Council are definately part of the problem in this disjusting and abuse of power story.

If this was FRance - there would be a revolution against these bastards/ If this was somewhere else - they may well be physically and forcedly thrown out of office.

They are crooks betond belief. I've lived in this town for 16 years now from NSW, and when I read stories and letters like this one above - I'm so ashamed to be an Aussie. I'm so ashamed by this local government and embrassed that they treat their community with such distain and inaction.

They are beyond being an embrassement. They are modern day criminals of the highest order. Byrne is they most uncompassionate beast of a person you'll ever ever come across. I used to - through contacts - attend a number of civic functions - but saw how the mayor acted informally after these events. SInce 2006, I decided not to subject myself to these. He has such a nasty vindictive side to him - and his treatment of woman and community organisations - from the Kart Club to the old Progress Hall to the Port Douglas' icon leg to disregard for communities is the most serious breach of trust a alocal politician can ever have for it's people.

He will be thrown oujt in a month's time. He is an disgrace and a dangerous man.

He was and is a public leader who heled distroy this boat club building.

His tomestone will be defaced with his awful legacy that he destoryed, ruined and raped of town's history.

Anonymous said...

Here here S. Winchester. You are absolutely correct.

Anonymous said...

What a great spot to put another block of Hedley/CEC flats for rich people, just like the ones the other side of the Hilton.....mmmmm ......real noice. Kev... where are you?

Anonymous said...

Following on from Iceman's comments:-
The Cairns City Council are to blame in some ways, mostly due to lack of action, but this strip of land along the waterfront is owned by the Cairns Port Authority, and they are the controlling entity in this instance. They can only really be told how to act by the State Government. (Remember a few years ago the huge loan the Cairns Port Authority was forced to take out at the State Government's insistance, I believe to help balance the books in another of their corporations.) To clarify, I have used some copy from Wikipedia
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page) to explain an outline of the corporation.
From Wikipedia:-
Cairns Port Authority (CPA) is a Queensland Government statutory Corporation responsible for the operation of Cairns International Airport and the Cairns Seaport. The Authority is also responsible for the Cairns Marlin Marina and the Cityport project. The Airport, Seaport and Cityport comprise the authority’s three business units.
A Statutory Corporation is a corporation created by statute. Their precise nature varies by jurisdiction thus they might be ordinary companies/corporations owned by a government with or without other shareholders, or they might be a body without shareholders which is controlled by national or sub-national government to the (in some cases minimal) extent provided for in the creating legislation.
In Australia, statutory corporations are created by either state or national parliaments, and are created by statute.
The purpose of their separation from normal government operations is to ensure profitability, and in theory, independence of decision making from the state or national government (to ensure that decisions are made on a commercial basis with less or no political interference.)
As statutory corporations, their regulatory and business conditions may be significantly different to private-sector companies.

So, I feel that if anyone wants things to happen differently in the waterfront precinct they should include the State Members (as well as the current council)in their finger-pointing and focus, as they have been in power while this has been happening, and are probably the only ones who could change it.
I am a Labor supporter but still strogly feel that this is an area they have really let the electorate down.