Tuesday 5 February 2008

Cheating us

Didn't take long. Some clever Unity-hating vigilantis have struck Byrne's billboards at Smithfield.

Over the weekend, they defaced the sparkling new Unity election advertisements with bright yellow spray paint, changing the "r" to a "h" to read: "Cheating Australia's most LIVEABLE city"

This follows the original suggestion proposed "Destroying Australia's most LIVEABLE city"

Seems like a few residents out there want another story to be told this campaign.

Last month I outlined the whole dirty saga of the billboards and their connection to the land they are positioned on.

CairnsBlog also exclusively reported that these billboards where in breach of Local ByLaw 28. However Council's Manager of Local Laws, Laurie Phipps said it was difficult to prove that these billboards were 'political', even though they appeared two months out from a major election campaign, sporting a political party logo and with an official authorisation.

The elusive 'Factman', posting comments anonymously on CairnsBlog - about to be outed by a senior politician - stated that they are not a political statement. "They don't say Vote Kevin!"

However, it appears that Byrne's Unity Party want a quid each way. They claim it's not political advertising to avoid the application of Local ByLaw 28, yet print the official text requested by the Electoral Commission on the billboard: "Authorised by Terry James, 5 Claridge Street, Mt Sheridan, for the Unity Team."

Who do they think we are? Kathy Plath in drag!


Anonymous said...

aahah! Fantastic! I mean, i don't totally agree with it, but I would never have thought of changing the r to an h.. I gotta do more crosswords.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that is clever but we need to make the message more concise.
A simple statement that cuts through rhetoric, one that we can all understand......

How about "Kevin Byrne is a cun#"