Thursday 7 October 2010

Mackenzie bans Cairns Mayor from radio show. Cochrane to the rescue!

The weekly Friday appearance of Cairns Regional Mayor Val Schier on John Mackenzie's 4CA radio programme, looks likely to be canned by the ACMA award-winning presenter.

Recently Schier has recommenced a fortnightly three-minute phone call on Mike "Locco" O'Loughan's show, on the same radio station.

However it seems as if this is too much for Mackenzie, who rarely greets or extends any courtesy to the Mayor when she arrives at 4CA's studio for her weekly 45 minute chat.

John Mackenzie was over-heard saying that the Mayor is simply "getting too much exposure and I won't have her on now."

Mackenzie has decided that he won't be invited the Mayor onto his show on Friday because "it will over-expose her, for the time she has with Locco."

So guess who he's roped in Val's place? Deputy Mayor Margaret Cochrane was personally phoned this week to appear in the Mayor's regular spot on Friday. Listen out for a lot of "Oh, Margaret, isn't that wonderful what you're doing."

It reminds me on when Mackenzie had a wet dream about Margaret's support for waterpark developer Paul Freebody a year ago..

"Every time I see Margaret, I mean she works so hard, she's the hardest worker," Mackenzie said in a spew last September. "She hardly gets any time to herself at all. Thank gods we've got her. When you see this lone voice of reason... you say, thank god we've got Margaret Cochrane." (listen below).

The Mayor's appearance on 4CA 846 was subject to an ACMA investigation that found the broadcaster in breach, due to not disclosing the station was being paid by Council for the programme, something the a $17,000 Council report, found that the Mayor was never informed about.

Mackenzie's morning talk programme has received the attention of the ACMA in numerous similar investigations over the last five years.
  • LISTEN John Mackenzie in love with Deputy Mayor Margaret Cochrane (or Download MP3)


MG said...

So what you are saying is that the Mayor has paid money from council purse to be challenged by John and you guys on this site have been whinging about the way she is being treated??????????

Thats good lol council paying for the Mayor to be in this situation then you guys here whinging on her behalf saying she puts up with so much 'stuff'.

This site is like watching a dog chase its tale.........round and round with no direction



Anonymous said...

I never understood why Val bothered with McKenzie in the first place. He first spends all week undermining and ridiculing her, then lines up the same old bunch of cranky, rude , narrow-minded, ill-informed bigots to verbally assault her, week after week.

I doubt if any of them would have the guts to talk to the former Mayor like that. I know that if any of them talked to me like that I'd smack him in the face.

And maybe somebody should remind that bilious Martin Tenni next time he comes on McKenzie that in his glory days he was part of one of the most corrupt state governments in the history of Australia. Quite a few members of HIS government went to jail as well as the top cops of the police force HIS government was presiding over.

The only reason the 2 main protagonists, Bjelke-Petersen and Hinze did not go to jail is because one died before he could go to trial and the other one had rigged the jury.

The type of people who constantly attack the Mayor on the radio all express a profound longing to the glory days of Bjelke-Petersen and co. That says it all really and shows how absolutely irrelevant they are. Val, don't bother with that scum. It is just not worth it and it's painful to listen to. I'd like to see Cochrane get the same treatment.

COL said...

The real facts are Val knew full well that her staff were getting her on macca.

And if I pay the 99 dollars to buy the kernel incredimail recovery product I can prove it.

She knows and I know don't I Val .

So cut the crap she knew .

Anonymous said...

If she knew or not is old news and really irrelevant to the subject at hand. I just want to know why she is such a glutton for punishment and keeps exposing herself to abuse by irate half-wits. I am no fan of the current mayor, but I believe that the venom, viciousness and general rudeness that these people direct towards her is beyond the pale.

On today's show, surprise, surprise, none of the usual nasties rang up except from that certifiable fool from Brinsmead who should be safely in a padded room somewhere.

Got a point col said...

How is it not relevant that the mayor may have lied to everyone and hull and the ceo got the flick for telling the truth. col has a point.

Anonymous said...

Because this particular post is about her being "banned" from the McKenzie show and not about the cash for comment issue.

And if Col has evidence to prove his point, then he should put his money where his mouth is.

But it is of course easier to make this sort of allegations anonymously on a blog rather then provide some evidence...

No Blake lover said...

@ Col

How easy it is to make accusations, eh?

"And if I pay the 99 dollars to buy the kernel incredimail recovery product I can prove it."

Go on then, put your money where your mouth is, that's if you can rip it away from where your arse is.

MG said...

Or maybe people we should look at the puppets in this paradise of council and wonder why they are not being targeted.

Seems to me those exercising free speech are being targeted and bullied by the mayor's loyal fan club (hey mike) and other councillors are in on it too.

Its a bunch of kids on the playground all wanting to please the teacher.

Those of you who refer to the past era of corruption want to ask the council how many employees have been paid 'hush money' upon their sacking.

Plus those of you who refer to that era must be so old that you have nothing better than to reminisce rather than be proactive and get out there and make a difference starting in your own home, community, town.

COL said...

yassu yani you may not want it being blogged but it is relevant
The Mayor's appearance on 4CA 846 was subject to an ACMA investigation that found the broadcaster in breach, due to not disclosing the station was being paid by Council for the programme "

Is in michaels post above and the evidence will be forth coming but at the right time.
You may not want to blog about it but it is not your blog.

Janice,Brinsmead said...

Who else is not welcome on McKenzie "community talkback" radio? Apart from Cr Di Forsyth, Cairns Regional Council CEO, Chair of Ports North. Come on bloggers add to this list, when leading members of the community are deliberately locked out how can this be a balanced view of the issues facing this community. Its a totally right wing biased, bigotted, sexist and deliberately misleading LNP front.

Johnno, Cairns said...

Col,COL and Col....The report found the Mayor WAS kept in the dark by the CEO Briggs and the then Communications Manager Hull, doesn't matter how much you try to twist the truth, it is still a fact and McKenzie knows it too. Gotta say I agree with Yassu, surely Val has got betta things to do with her time than to fend off the hillbilly mob,who have been handpicked to bleat to McKenzie's agenda.

Anonymous said...

Col, you make a serious allegation "because you know" !
Where's you're evidence big mouth ? Or are you just big mouthing yourself ? Come on, show it to us.


You shouldn't make assumptions about people's age just because they know a bit of history. And how do you know if "they" are proactive or not. What sort of difference are you making to your community ?

hieronymus bosch said...

I hope col's *evidence* is more than the "i have brokered a deal..." email.

Since consumerism became the new religion people often use *business* double speak as a metaphore.

(Pinkerton. I hate that rat bastard!)


COL said...

No Blake lover... listen tosser I run my timing not you , just take a chill pill and sweat it out and yassarse my big mouth is matched by my big evidence .
There are two people who know what I have and I am one of them .

No Blake lover said...

@ col

You're a tosser, and you know it, you have no proof of anything, you're all mouth.

"There are two people who know what I have and I am one of them."

Yeah, and the other one is the leprechaun who lives at the bottom of your bed.

You have nothing, you know nothing and you'll do nothing, which just about sums you up .... nothing!


Anonymous said...

Well Col. I have irrefutable evidence that you are a raving drug addict and that you are babbling delirious nonsense. Would you like ICE with that ?

Only 2 people have this evidence and I am one of them. It will be made public at a time of my choosing on this very blog.

Bye,bye loudmouth

MG said...

Yassu is this a show me yours I'll show you mine thing happening here?


I make a difference everyday with what I do, who I am with, the orgnisation and enjoy every minute of it.

do you make someone's life better just by smiling and offering a hand?

I do

what do you do?

Matt CYP said...

I hope Val doesn't bother with the MacKenzie Show any more - she never got a fair go and never will.

Macca doesn't even pretend to be fair and objective these days - he has an aging audience of angry old men and he knows they will only listen to what they expect to hear - when was the last time you were surprised by an opinion on his show?

As for Col - all mouth, no trouser.

Unknown said...

All mouth - no trouser !!!

What on earth do you mean?

I listened to Macca with Marg Cochrane today.
What a breath of fresh air
Clear concise meaningful answers
I hope she stands for Mayor

COL said...

Wow m g must be a doorman at an hotel

" I make a difference everyday with what I do, who I am with, the orgnisation and enjoy every minute of it.

do you make someone's life better just by smiling and offering a hand? "
I thought you had a real job .

MG said...

Col I have an amazing job, I get up every day and love going to work.

It seems you people on here are more interested in me rather than the topic at hand.

Pity I like an intellectual discussion with integrity.

Seems you are not up to this

gotta run gotta life

Cheers :-)

COL said...

mg you are one of the morons that attacked me. So cop it sweet and take my bags to my room bitch .
And don't slam the door behind you.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Macca cannot be fair and objective, and as much as I used to like his show, I have gone the other way.
The fact that he has been sitting on some devastating recorded forensic evidence, to do with a horrific assault on a musician in a Cairns nightclub, has never even entered his mind.
Has he ever come forward, by way of delivery of this evidence to the police?
The answer is......NO!!!!!
Still waiting John!

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

MG - since you are fairly new to this blog, you will perhaps not know that most people who contribute to this blog are people who are offering their own, perhaps very different, perspective so that the others may think and reflect on that, & respond.

The CairnsBlog is not just a space where you try to rip everyone up who disagrees with you. There can be great debates, & oftentimes there are big disagreements, & some cheeky stoushes, but please remember (all of you too) that as soon as you begin to simply insult another person to win an argument, you've lost that argument. The core premise of your argument is lost in foolishness & anger, & the other will no longer continue trying to hear or understand you as they have been insulted.

As a friend of mine taught me years ago
Say What You Mean, But
Don't Say It Mean.

Goes a long way, MG & all other hammerheads out there.

MG said...


If you take the time to peruse anything I have posted it has never been mean neither has it been insulting.

My posts may have challenged a few here or even made them get upset that I object to their slogging matches and crude descriptives.

Unless of course you believe that me stating that some of the people like yourself are more interested in me, who I am and what I do rather than discussing the topics at hand.

Like you said I am offering my "own, perhaps very different, perspective so that the others may think and reflect on that, & respond"

It would seem from the discussions that show intelligence and integrity that I have made others pause for thought and think.

Other replies like yours just focus on me rather than a topic.

Must mean that my contributions are food for thought.

Maybe like I keep reiterating to the several repeat offenders here that its time to shape up and stop the slogging and the crude language use. Like you said once that starts their argument is lost.

Have a look at my post in Open Debate.......It will offer much food for thought....

I guess if you call me a hammerhead then what I write packs punch........

MG said...

Col seems you have a hot temper is this how you treat your family or friends?

I doubt it.

If you are trying to antagonise it wont work as all I feel is sorry for you that you have to resort to such lows that you have to name call and put down.

Seems like a couple of others here all you want to talk about is me.

sorry to disappoint