Thursday 7 October 2010

We love you, we love you not

Just over 550 votes were cast, and you recorded what Cairns Regional Councillors you least supported.

This month's CairnsBlog poll, which was multi-choice, is now over and, unlike the Cairns Post polls, I'll show you how many voted, not just a percentage, which of course is meaningless.

Top of the poll is Division 2 councillor, Nancy Lanskey with only 86 votes (15%). Maybe Nancy is simply the least known? Regardless, they way readers voted in this poll tells a few stories.

I asked readers to select the councillor/s you least support. This obviously drew some interesting interpretations. There appeared to a concerted efforts by different sides, but I have to say, it seems to fairly reflect the mood of the community.

Popular or more likeable councillors like Paul Gregory, Linda Cooper, and Julia Leu, and Dianne Forsyth, who just get on with the job, didn't rate as high.

Councillors Robert Pyne, Kirsten Lesina and Val Schier, took out the middle, leaving the usual gang of three that took out the (dis)honors.

Here's they are, from bottom to top, or bottom to top, depending on your point of view...
  • Nancy LANSKEY 86 (15%)
  • Paul GREGORY 96 (17%)
  • Linda COOPER 98 (17%)
  • Julia LEU 132 (23%)
  • Diane FORSYTH 154 (27%)
  • Robert PYNE 177 (31%)
  • Kirsten LESINA 180 (32%)
  • Val SCHIER 202 (36%)
  • Sno BONNEAU 226 (40%)
  • Margaret COCHRANE 258 (46%)
  • Alan BLAKE 335 (60%)


Antony Green said...

I wish I was as sure of winning the lottery as I was in predicting this outcome. Blake is on the electoral Green Mile if this is any indication...finally!

MG said...

Hey Mike

Guess what -the poll does not reflect the real consensus of Cairns people as its only the one-eyed very opinionated following on this blog of a select group of people who have used a social site to campaign their anonymous vitriol. We have seen some of these people campaign themselves before to no avail. Seems the blog isnt helping their cause either....


Doctor Bob of Woree said...

No surprizes there!!!

Phillip de Muir said...

hey MG you're one of those that seem to frequent this blog ... so you are part of this debate and forum!!

aRE YOU SAYING THAT THE POLLS ON THE CAIRNS POST ETC... don't reflect the real consensus of Cairns people as they're also only the one-eyed very opinionated following on their website???

Most on other websites are also "anonymous vitriol" and you yourself are rather "anonymous"!!

Susan at Holloways said...

I voted for my favorites.... and it was Nancy Who???

MG said...

Hey Phil

I have only last week started posting on this site. I was curious as to what the fuss was about.......seems there is a reason to fuss as the content is questionable by some posters here.

I was anonymous then joined and went through the registration process.

What is the problem? Most other people here are the same or they use assumed names.

Its called protecting my interests as there are some very nasty persons on this site who have no respect for privacy of the individual.

As my profession is very public oriented I will not put myself, my clients, or my organisation at risk from those persons.

So Phil I will let you dream about who I am and what I may look like ............sweet dreams :-)

Queenie said...

No surprises there for Marg Cochrane - she of the Forked Tongue. Goss is she's hoping to run for Mayor next time - fat chance. She says she'll do all sorts of things for her locals, & then does little. Yes, turns up, smiles for the photo-op - Marg LOVES a photo-op, but then does very little for her local communities in reality, not the things that matter.
She also joined in making the new CRC as unstable as possible in the first year or so, along with Blakey & Sno-Vishnu, & former CEO Noel Briggs. Don't think we weren't watching Margie. She has been caught lying, or at least, telling huge Porkies.
Still wishes she was in bed with Fat Kev, our former Mayor, but they fell out.
But it will be interesting to see, when Council election intentions are revealed in late 2011, where Marg puts herself.
Hopefully, into retirement?