Saturday 3 October 2009

What's he hiding?

Hidden in behind the Car Wash Cafe website is a page you're not meant to see.

Managing Director Matthew Ogilvie, wrote to me last week, assuring me he was the current "owner", and waterpark man Paul Freebody isn't involved any more.

"Paul Freebody has not owned the carwash cafe for nearly 2 years now and we still manage to get dragged into the debates regarding him," Ogilvie said.

However, I then received a message from a CairnsBlog reader saying his comments were misleading. "He isn't technically correct that Freebody doesn't own the carwash - the new owners of the business are basically just leasing the business from the Freebody family."

Why does this all matter? Well, Paul Freebody publicly claims he's doesn't own the business any longer, however is still discussed publicly as connected with the car wash.

The deal that Freebody was demanding when the car wash was 'for sale', according to my corespondent, that it kept him in control of the business. He also said the "owner" was drawing $4,000 a month from the '5 Star Car Wash', and produced a document of 11 spreadsheets.

I asked Matthew Ogilvie about these claims after we exchanged three or four emails, then he suddenly went quiet and ignored any further correspondence about this.

No 'Car Wash Cafe' appears on the ABN registry.

On the business' website, the "About" page automatically redirects to another page (go and try it), so you can't read it. Written by Paul Freebody in the first-person, here's the secret page that wasn't removed, just tucked away from public view.

Here's the web archive of this erroneous page, you see, everything is archived.

Like every car wash that gets rid of dirt, seems like Paul may be hiding something. Or maybe it's all washed down the drain. Draw your own conclusions.


Unknown said...

So,IF, as alleged, he has possibly not told the truth about ownership of the car-wash (and I am NOT saying that he has), then maybe would it be possible that he potentially does owe a bit of money around town ?

Or at least,possibly,maybe,has not paid his bills within agreed terms of credit, allowing of course for the possibility that this is merely due to an oversight.

Paul Freebody's Lover said...

Like every thing on this blog, this latest invasion of privacy is scurrilous rubbish... this is going to get you not just a probable day in court, perhaps your arrogant and spiteful ways will bring you a little more publicity than you ever wanted. Eaten any Oreo's lately?

Mike K. said...

I don't think I would put too much weight on a webpage which may just be the remnants of an old, defunct page. If somebody was actually trying to hide the information I assume they would just delete it.

Kerrie Hull's ex Cleaner said...

Mike K, that might be the case if Freebody could read and write proper English. For all intents and purposes he is quasi illiterate.
If it wasn't for his winning in a lottery he would'nt be in a position to be a threat to the Barron River Delta.