Thursday 8 October 2009

The Age of Stupid this Sunday arvo

The Age of Stupid, staring British actor Pete Postlethwaite (In The Name of the Father, Brassed Off, Usual Suspects) will screen at the Kuranda Amphitheatre this Sunday at 2:30pm.

The story shows an old man living in a devastated world in 2055, who watches "archive" video footage from 2008 and asks why didn't we stop climate change when we had the chance?

Filmed in seven countries over three years, it features six separate documentary stories, archive footage and animation. The project was funded by 220 people who donated between £500 and £35,000 who will receive a pro-rata share in any profits. The producers calculated the carbon footprint of the film to be 94 tonnes of CO2.

The soundtrack includes songs from Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Dragnerve and The Band of Holy Joy, as well as an original orchestral score written by Chris Brierley.

The Age Of Stupid is part-doco, part-animation, part-drama, and entry is by donation with all profits going to, you guessed it, climate change action. The event is run by Friends of the Earth Kuranda (tel 4085 0054).

Don't expect to see Lance Royce there.

Here's the trailer...


Carl said...

So apparently those of us who aren't falling for the bullshit the nut case green warriors would have us believe are stupid? Really. There is as much, if not more proof that humans have nothing to do with "climate change" as there is for it.

Mr Smythe said...

Yes Carl, but the so called 'proof' that humans have nothing to do with it comes from so called 'experts' whose evidence is not backed up in any serious climatological peer reviewed publishings.

Whereas the alternative argument has evidence that has been calculated and backed up hundreds, and sometimes thousands of times over by climate scientists all over the world, who find the same conclusions, that it is most likely, not completely, but most likely human induced. Climatology is still not an exact science, but the more that climate science becomes understood, the more likely it appears that humans are the cause.

Those like yourself are denyers, and no amount of hard evidence will ever convince you otherwise. Answer this question, are you willing to accept that humans MAY be responsible? If the answer is no, you're not worth arguing with.

Carl said...

Mr Smythe my answer is no. In my mind I cannot believe that humans as a species who have been burning fossil fuels for around 100 odd years are responsible. George Carlin said it best:

Andrew Bolt's mate (not) said...

Carl, I shouldn't lower myself to your level, but I know it involves having to think, but actually try and research what you think you are talking about. You only make yourself look like a goose. Put your evidence forward for your position. I'm sure you will get an intelligent response. It may not change your view but it will make other people understand your own thought processes.

Paul said...

Deniers? (Denyers??). Burn the unbelievers!! How dare they deny the Inconvenient Truths of the Goreacle (and his Carbon trading agency). Haven't we been there before? Proof of human causation of climate change is anything but settled, unless you only get your News from mouthpieces like the ABC, and bullshitters like Murdoch.

Carl said...

Andrew Bolt's mate, with all due respect I have done my own research on the matter and I've come to a decision on my own. Insulting those who don't believe what we're being told isn't productive, calling me a goose and implying I'm a moron isn't helping your cause.