Wednesday 14 October 2009

Ride to work riders tell their story

Here's a few of the 500 riders that participated in today's Ride to Work day, promoted by Cairns Regional Council.

Mayor Val Schier joined Councillors Kirsten Lesina and Di Forsyth, former triathlete and Mulgrave MP Curtis Pitt, and Whitfield greenie Denis Walls.

Kirsten's Oscar-nominated performance will be entered into the 2009 CairnsBlog Blooper Awards. Previous winners include Sewlyn Johnston, Desley Boyle, Mayoral candidate Peter Sandercock, Councillor Alan Blake, and honourable mention to Bryan Law.


Unknown said...

Shoulders are adequate? Bullshit!

How about when you get to a bridge and the shoulder disappears? Not too dangerous.

Sorry but we should have a separate bike track completely separate from the the main road.

Cycling to the lagoon or the farmers market would be a great activiy and healthy to boot.

Unknown said...

You are so right !

Look how it is done in the Netherlands and no need for helmets either !!!

colinwhodares curtis said...

How did curtis WARREN pitt better known as "parachute pitt" manage the time to ride his bike and pose for the camera , when he doesn,t have time to tell cairns how he supports the $15 billoin sale of queenslands assets , come on curtis let us all see you have some substance mate ?

Robert Road Hoon said...

I work at a business on Hargreaves Street, just behind the Bruce Hwy in Bentley Park. Me and my boss saw Curtis Pitt jumping on his bike here after it was unstrapped from a car being driven by a woman. We only realised it was him after seeing his picture on the news.

Does that answer your question, colinwhodares?

Unknown said...

I'd like to know why they chose Aeroglen to the city for a cycle path? Where can I see the plans for this?

Aeroglen Rider Poised for Action said...

stinhambo sez:
"I'd like to know why they chose Aeroglen to the city for a cycle path? "

Because it's always important to link high-density housing areas to your key employment centre.

Plans? Ain't no plans! Plans cost money, pal. This a a KRudd project. Dig now, explain later.

Noj Nedlaw said...

Just bouquets and brick-bat!

Thanks for the link Grateful Mac. Some of the photos were a tad "scary" but it shows that when you have a culture over many decades of encouraging bicycle usage, with familarity comes community underdstanding and cyclist competence. We have a long way to go in Australia. I still fail to understand why our only answer to too many cars on the road (eg the Bruce peak hour disaster)is to build more road area that encourages more, not less motor vehicle usage.

The brick-bats to Pitt the younger. Robert Road Hoon, your observation of the Mulgrave member does not surprise me. Nothing that mob does surprises me; including this latest piece of Pitt deception.

Curtis, shame on you!

Unknown said...

You can observe the total absurdity of the situation at school drop-off time.

A long line of cars moving at 5 km/hr to drop perfectly healthy children (although quite a few quite of few of them are a tad overweight)off at the school gate.

I know we have a long way to go. A great start would be a dual-lane, separate bike-track from Edmonton via the city ( Mulgrave Rd. and Access Rd.) to the beaches.

And teach the children the road rules at an early age, both for the use of cars and bikes.

It is strange that so many people still cling to old-fashioned concepts (more and wider roads ad infinitum), which have been discredited elsewhere a long time ago.

And while we are making this city more bicycle friendly, let's make it more pedestrian friendly as well.

The design of shopping centre car-parks is atrocious. So are many of the new estates, which do not have foot-paths.