Sunday 4 October 2009

A conspiracy... surely not!

An interesting comment by "Sally" left on the newly-formed North Queensland Party website...
  • "A comment made when speaking about this new party was that the Labor party is probably bankrolling the idea. I know that would not be true but others are not so sure.

    I wonder has anyone taken note that since One Nation became involved in politics, Labor has only got stronger in every sphere of Government.Why? Because the votes that would have gone to the opposition party went nowhere to the One Nation leading them to be eliminated in most seats and giving more power to Labor. (We do work on a two party preferred basis).

    Could you give an assurance that you are going to make sure that the Labor stronghold is eliminated to some degree? If so, how?I would like to see you put your energies into an already formed party to give strength there to make a stronger opposition rather than split the votes again.

    It seems comments are against the Bligh steamroller effects but I fear you will play right into their hands. Every vote for you in the initial stages will be one against the already established opposition. They are crying out for good candidates.

    Unity wins out over division which is what will happen here again.I fear every time a new “party” starts up, it creates a stronger win for the incumbents. I can see Desley and Steve, Jason and ? Pitt with big grins.

and "BobK" replies...

  • "Sally, your letter wreaks of liberal claptrap sounded off by Wendy Richardson at the inaugural FNQ formation meeting. Hope you are not her!

    Well done Darren on your story in the compost today on the overpass for Ray Jones Drive, that is the stuff we want to hear."


Frank Forde said...

that is crap Sally/Wendy. Howard used the One Nation "politics of fear" to his own advantage for years. Pauline ended up in the slammer, and little Johnny our most "winningest" PM bar Menzies.
You will have to try harder than that my dear!

Paul said...

From what I've seen so far, the North Queensland Party isn't being bankrolled by anyone at all, let alone being some diabolical spoiler plot to subvert any Party's voting base. nevertheless, Sally you may have brought them some badly needed publicity with this rant.

nocturnal congress said...

Hear hear Frank Forde, John Howard's "They hate us for our way of life!" faithfully echoed Pauline Hansen's racist mantra.

Constance Lloyd said...

Nah, I looked at Sally's comment on the FNQ website - she's definitely not Wendy Richardson.

That opinion is based on Wendy's postings on this blog - have we ever known Wendy to write anything less than a page; she has a knack of turning a simple sentence into the "Sermon on the Mount"!

It's Sunday and the Eels are losing!

Bryan Law said...

One Nation was a far bigger phenomenon in Queensland than it was nationally. They knocked the Liberals for six, and created the conditions within the Nationals which make them so toxic to Malcolm Turnbull now.

There's no doubt that Queensland Labor curried favour with One Nation, and secured a good portion of Hanson's battlers.

Desley Boyle's campaign manager, Col McKenzie, came from One Nation and is thinking about preselection for 2012.

A regional grouping built on dis-satisfaction with the LNP has every chance of playing the spoiler.

I sympathise with the LNP. I too like to concentrate on defeating the ALP (and their Green running dogs).

Thaddeus said...

I dunno about Bryan Law's comments re "Qld Labor currying favour with One Nation."
WorkChoices was John Howard's political Waterloo and the repercussions from it assisted State Labor Governments afterwards.

Green running dogs said...

either that is not Bryan Law or the big feller is losing it

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

I went to an initial meeting of the North Qld Party a couple of months ago, & it seemed their major focus was to get representation in Parliament for North Queensland, to include issues on the agenda that get completely overlooked by the Briso Mob - whether Labor or LNP. It would be good to have some other force rather than those two in Qld Parlt.

Anna & Labor are just arrogant, & NOT listening to the community. And the LNP is some weird hybrid.

Mind you, during their presentation, there was a continuous backdrop of huge overpasses on the PowerPoint screen behind all the speakers. It didn't look very green-friendly to me, but hey, I haven't joined, & really haven't paid any attention to their policy planning etc.

Actually, I'm just very very very weary of fighting councils, State & Fed governments & so on. Why do we have to fight all the time, even for little things?