Saturday 3 October 2009

iSnack dumped after two days

Kraft held a nation-wide competition to name a new cheese flavour Vegemite.

Around 50,000 joined the competition, with the winner announced on Thursday as iSnack 2.0.

However, two days later Kraft dumped the name.

Other entries included "Ruddymite", "Too Right Mite" and "Wow Chow", and the most popular being "Cheesymite", but this was owned by Bakers Delight.

Here's Hitler, as he finds out about Kraft's marketing team naming the new Vegemite "iSnack 2.0".

Hat Tip: Margaret Pestorius


Dammit Janet said...

Ironically, 'our' Vegemite is not even Australian owned. Like our once Australian owned Dairy Farmers, it was sold out to overseas interests. Fortunately there are Australian companies that do make a Vegemite alternative, one in particular by Three Threes called 'Mighty Mite' that I have become addicted to.
It is worth a Google to have a look at the various vested interests Kraft has around the planet - not all nice I might say.

Bryan Outlaw said...

You don't really believe this shit, do you?

This was a marketing stunt, pure and simple. Kraft is known to have trademarked the "iSnack 2.0" name weeks prior to the end of the "naming contest". They deliberately picked a name they new would be reviled (the only thing worse could have been calling it "Monkey Shit") and then waited for the media fireworks to begin.

You've been suckered by the Americans, clearly the world's best, most creative marketers.

Northern Beaches Warrior said...

Another interesting story about Kraft.

They sell a biscuit called "Chicken in a Biscuit" which is made in China. And no doubt others as well.

Biscuit eaters be warned!!

It now pays now to check where foodstuffs originate to ensure that what you put in your mouth is at the very least, not contaminated with heavy metals!

nocturnal congress said...

Monkey Shit would have been an appropriate name for it. It's obviously been doctored to appeal to American tastes.

AL said...

Saw the very same film clip recently with different subtitles regarding the technical reliability of Virgin Blue's new Embraer jets entitled e-jet blues.

Seems someone is using this clip to send up a number of dud business/marketing descisions. Also very funny. See it here!