Friday 9 October 2009

Dear Jim

A CairnsBlog follower just sent me a letter he sent to our Member for Leichhardt, Jim Turnour. It was in response to Jim's monthly newsletter...
  • Dear Andrew,

    We all need a bit of de‘stress'ing with news this past month that unemployment hit 12.5% in Cairns - well above the state & national averages. So congratulations to WorkLink who put on an inspirational lunch yesterday as part of ‘National Stress Less Day'. The guest speaker was Jonathon Welch, founder of the Choir of Hard Knocks, and one of the things he spoke about was the need for a bottom-up approach to community problem solving.

    It is a theme I have been talking about with a number of people recently because tackling the unemployment problem in the region is going to require a lot of local leadership. Government at all levels needs to be a partner in the effort but it really is up to us locally to work together to support jobs in the short term, while we work to diversify the economy and reduce the ‘boom bust' cycle that we are experiencing.

    The Australian Government is committed to partnering the region in this effort through our economic stimulus and by identifying Cairns as one of only 20 priority employment regions in the country.

    Federal Employment Minister Mark Arbib, Parliamentary Secretary Jason Clare and Bill Kelty visited Cairns recently for a jobs forum and sat down with about 90 local business and community leaders as well as the new Local Employment Coordinator.

    The community really needs to play the lead role in our recovery. Locally, there are businesses and community based organisations that are putting in the effort and making a difference. The Cairns Post is teaming up with Skill360 and TAFE to find work for young kids looking to get into an apprenticeship.

    QITE and Centacare Employment have teamed up to run the $1 million "Let's look after our own back yard - Keep FNQ Working" jobs and training initiative, while Todd Hartley and the Choice Team are launching a Choice Water Week campaign, starting 2nd November.

    These are some good examples of local leadership in these tough times. So if you can, I would encourage you to support these initiatives by visiting their websites and finding out more. If you have a great idea, I am keen to hear your views, so please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone 4051 2220.

    I also want to take the opportunity to thank those members of the community who got behind my fundraising campaign recently. With the support of the Cairns Taipans, we were able to raise $2300 for the FNQ Hospital Foundation which will go towards a children's playground at the Cairns Base Hospital.

    Jim Turnour
    Federal Member for Leichhardt

...and here's Andrew's reply...

  • Dear Jim.

    You have made me realise what a pro-active and dynamic leader you are not. Unemployment goes down to 5.2% today and Cairns is 12.5%.

    Is perhaps Tourism and Qantas a little more important than you realised. Have your wanktanks failed to get a grasp of what the real problem is.

    Why would the Global Recession and Global Downturn impact Cairns specifically.

    Come on Jim wake up.

    Spend more time with the people who count than hosting your nights at the Taipans and endless Lunches that produce nothing but cholesterol.

    It is no wonder more and more people are highly critical of you and why you get mentioned on the CairnsBlog so often. Log on and read it and feel ashamed.

    Please continue to send me your Newsletter as it provides me with the combination of a good laugh and infuriates me at the same time.



colin "still angry"riddell said...

I played a small role in helping labor win this federal seat .
And recently told jim "mumbles" turnour but he apparently likes "scooter " as he proudly told the radio world in a recent interview.
That is because our treasurer calls him that wow jim , you must be fondly thought of ? or cannot he remember your name ?

Your recent comments in trying to make the turtle and dugong issue a racial issue , to protect your indigenous vote was appalling.

Enclosed is a callers email to me
"Subject: Killing inhumanely of dugong and turtles!

I wish to lodge a strong complaint to the relevant Departments, although I don't know

who will own up to being responsible for this dilema, the poor animals are in!

Jim Turnour tried to make it a racist view, when I spoke to him in John Mackenzie's

Talk-back Show on Friday. "Not at all". This is an animal cruelty issue, "

Also your state mates here in cairns that decided after most of cairns (not me I voted independant)
voted them back in , meekly let anna sligh sell $15 billion worth of state assets will not be forgotten by me or the other normally labor voters.
Also "parachute pitt getting dropped into daddys seat .
I knew who to vote for when I saw the how to vote card , with the name Curtis WARREN pitt , you did not fool me I knew it was you not your dad !
In closing jim , take there is an election looming and we have good memories.
Anyone that recalls my urging before jim got elected was "give him a go if he does not perform tip him out"
Well jim it is time me thinks.

I Am The Stig said...

Hi Jim

Can I make a suggestion. Next time you publish your Newsletter instead of telling us how wonderful you, your Labour Party mates and the Labour Party are why not focus on some of the more critical issues. Perhaps you could explain in simple terms what the ETS (Emission Trading Scheme)is and how will it impact small business. Perhaps you could explain the cost to small business that could possibly further increase unemployment in Cairns. Rather than provide us with the Labour Party spin perhaps you could give it to us in your more simplistic terms. I am being serious Jim and might make a suggestion that this Blog has a Jim Turnour section like the open debate where people can leave their questions to you. It's your chance to relate to the people who actually vote.

Smithfield Sam said...

Jim Turnour is a certified idiot.

He could only possibly win a seat in Parliament if the Liberal party were stupid enough to put up an even less skilled, less employable, inarticulate lesbian.

Oops, sorry. That's what happened.

Anyone have any idea what kind of cretin the Liberals plan to preselect for the next election?

hieronymus bosch said...

Freebody's not thinking big enough.

If he builds a big enough waterpark, he could single handedly solve the unemployment problem, seeing as the old "jobs and tourism" bullshit is being used by his supporters on council.

Anyway, this is what happens in a one trick pony town when money's tight around the world. What a surprise!

Thornton On Spence said...

Hi Smithfield Sam

Alan Blake has always thought he was good enough to be Prime Minister and he is a Liberal Party man although we are ashamed to have him. He is a cretin so just a thought.