Wednesday 7 October 2009

An Open Letter to Jim Turnour about Afganistan

Former Douglas Shire Councillor, Rod, or Roderick Davis, now a travelling explorer. As CairnsBlog writer at large, he pens an open letter to Federal MP Jim Turnour.

Jim, Are you a man of peace?


  • Dear Jim,

    Greetings and Hello.

    Jim, I have been travelling the world the last year, and of late, have been in the Middle East. The UN’s most serious electoral rep in Afghanistan has just this week, made international headlines, when he came out in public about what is really happening in Afghanistan.

    For telling the truth, the West’s UN sacked him. What he said, was that there was massive electoral fraud in Afghanistan, he also urged no more warfare surges, no more troop build up. We are spilling blood supporting a corrupt, illegitimate leader, just like we did in Nam 30 year back. Have you any modern history recall?

    The reason I write to you, is because I know in your heart, you what is really going on, with humanity, and I am writing to ask you, to start asking your advisers, and your
    colleagues, about our continues support of the US in Afghanistan.

    I urge you to ask, if indeed there is a sound set of morals, in Australia’s continued support of a former CIA employee, in the form of the US appointed ’president’ of Afghanistan. You barely need 15 minutes on the net, to get a real picture of who we support there. You old enough to remember the Australian’s similar folly in supporting the failed and corrupt, US backed rulers of Vietnam? Do the 3million dead Vietnamese weigh on your mind, especially as you are more Asian conscious than most? I’m sure they do.

    It’s it time, to take a lesson from history, and seriously ask yourself, before your hand goes up in the party room, and on the floor, as to whether you seriously support the killing, the cruelty, and the by-product heroin trafficking that is result of leaders like you, across the world, ignoring the truth.

    How can you seriously have objected to Iraq, yet support an even less tenuous cause in Afghanistan? Please, don’t give me the ‘Where’s Wally’ bit about Osama. How long are we expected to swallow that lie? And the one bullet entered in and out of Kennedy 3 times.

    Jim, every time an Aussie pulls a trigger on an ‘enemy’, and every time a Aussie is killed or wounded, it’s your hand in the air, come vote time, that is continuing the madness. Can you live happily with this, now, in 2009, when the world is awake and informed?

    On air last year, [Radio Port Douglas] I was interviewing you on this subject, and I raised the position promoted by some Canadians, to get the locals on our side, simply by buying the opium crop, at a tiny cost, and for much needed medical supply, in legitimate use. You acted surprised at the idea, but received it positively. But Jim, in the year past, did you do anything about it, at all?

    Anything? Man’s duty is to mankind. All of mankind. Is your duty first to mankind, or the party ? Alexander the Great could crack Afghanistan. The Russians bled,
    and failed.

    WE ARE FAILING HAND OVER FIST NOW. BE REAL. We control as much of Afghanistan as the parade ground in a few desperate military outposts EVERY NATION IN HISTORY THAT has taken on a campaign against the Afghans has lost. Thousands of junkies across the world, now suffer as the guns for smack trade roars along, just as it did 30 years ago in the Golden Triangle, where I am now. Remember?

    I appeal to you Jim, to be a voice for peace. Just because Bush is gone, doesn’t mean the world is in safe hands. Obama, for all his appealing rhetoric, is not a man of ‘change, he’s in fact ramping the US bloodshed in the middle east, as Russia, China and the
    West all go head to head , to establish base positions around the world’s last remaining untapped oil and gas, in central Asia.

    Do you believe too, Jim, in the imperial charge, through Afghanistan, to the war now in Pakistan, and onwards, or do you have a different view? If so, show it with your voting hand, your dialogues with colleagues, and your questioning of the ‘norm’.

    Me? I remain alert and am not fooled by a new US presidency when evil Zionists and neo con, ‘Project for the New America’ proponents like Obama’s chief foreign policy adviser, Brzezinski, is running the show behind the scenes. Be alert and aware. It’s your job.

    You will leave parliament one day. Will you be like Gough, with the blood of Timor forever on his conscious, into old age? Ponder it.

    Kind Regards,

    Rod Davis
    For Humanity


Paul said...

Rudd strutting around G20 selling us out to the Global Bankers of the IMF and World Bank, Howard in America calling on us to send even more troops to Afghanistan. Do you think anyone allowed into the inner sanctum of Government actually represents us or has any desire to do what WE want? If that was their intention they wouldn't be allowed to even stand let alone get elected.

Terry Spackman said...

Hi Jim
          I just read Rod Davis's Cairns Blog--- and I have to agree.
I Googled afganistan--pipeline--and found  that the war (once again) is about oil and gas and who will control it's supply.
President Karzai once worked for the US based company UNICAL, that wanted to build a pipeline thru Afganistan.
Once again, the ordinary people of the world are fed bullshit to justify Goverments sending their troops to ensure oil
 company profits. Bullshit like how badly the Taliban treat their women and will not let girls go to school.
How many Afganies were part of the terrorist attacks in New York, London, Madrid, and Bali? Non that I can discover.
Most came from countries that have governments, that have western government support.
Yet we are continualy told that we are under threat from Afgan terrorism.
History has shown that the Afganistan people will not tolerate foriegn troops on their soil.
The war gets more bloody by the month and looks like a war without end.
Will you take a moral stand and withdraw your support for this evil war?

My Name be Woman said...

"Bullshit like how badly the Taliban treat their women and will not let girls go to school."

Terry, you spoil some common sense points with this line above. As we all know the Taliban are beacons of decency and equality when it comes to the treatment of their womenfolk by locking them up inside and refusing to give them an education.

Anonymous said...

I have to get the same drugs Rod's on! Is it Maui Wowie or Pineapple Express Rod? I don't know if he's more dangerous stoned or sober? But I for one am glad he lives in Port Douglas.