Wednesday 21 October 2009

Cairns Post website hacked

Thanks to Brad, an eagle-eyed CairnsBlog reader, who noticed that a series of spam has made it through the Cairns Post's rigorous vetting machine.

The raft of messages posted as legitimate comments, are touting medications and various upload websites. Or maybe they're real comments?

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Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Must have been a quiet ole' day at the ComPost? - well-spotted Brad. Perhaps Eagle-Eyed Webster had not yet had his triple latte? [That is, if he ever DOES anything at the ComPost apart from his sermonising editorials?] We had such high hopes for him, but alas, we still need a Grown Up Journalist to drive our local paper.

Actually, apart from the above wonderful oops, I dare say many CairnsBloggers have noted the mishmash that now appropriates what used to be the Letters to the Ed page of the post. It's hilarious (if it just wasn't so darned sad) - they can't make up their mind what it is. Andrew, it's neither fish nor fowl, nor mineral or vegetable, for that matter. Perhaps 'radioactive', would be a good word?

A coupla letters, the hideous txt section - racists, sexists & homophobes especially invited to contribute. Then we have an editied selection of emails.

As I said, neither fish nor fowl - but definitely foul.

And I've always wondered Andrew, why letter writers have to be kosher with address & verification details, but it would seem txters & .com emailers don't. I wonder why?

Andrew? Andrew? Darn, he's slipped out for another triple latte, the bugger. Working up to another stunning editorial, I dare say.

As Kerry Riella said earlier this year, the ComPost is "the best four minutes of my day". Five, if I read the astrology column, which I don't, because it's a crap tabloid astrologer. Always has been. Even the bloody astrology needs an update.

Sad, sad, sad. Waste of trees etc.

The ComPost - gobsmackingly bad one day, mundane the next. Always disappoints. Sorry Andrew, "C-minus at present. Could improve."