Thursday 8 October 2009

Another deadly warship visits Cairns

The USS Blue Ridge arrives in Cairns next week, coincidentally marking the eight anniversary of the war in Afghanistan.
A public meeting planned at the RSL club was disallowed by club president Peter Turner, saying “you’ll never use the RSL again.” Maybe Turner doesn't understand the irony of the freedom he stands up for.
Cairns Peace by Peace veteran activist, Bryan Law, reviews what it means to have another warship in our port.

Today is the eighth anniversary of the war in Afghanistan. The decision now in front of President Obama to escalate or withdraw from the folly of that war, has drawn many views.

“General Stanley McChrystal plays the role of William Westmoreland, the prime architect of Vietnam's military catastrophe. As did Westmoreland, McChrystal is telling the public an Afghan war can be won if only we "stay the course."

But we cannot let this happen. Afghanistan cannot be controlled any more than Vietnam could. Effectively fighting terror demands an intelligent, coordinated international effort, not a blundering unilateral plunge into yet another hopeless overseas quagmire.”

President Obama will make his decision in a matter of weeks. Australia is embroiled as a US ally in Afghanistan, and will be affected by Obama’s decision. We have a right to public discussion of our involvement in Afghanistan.

Next week the USS Blue Ridge comes to visit our seaport, and already the Cairns Post is priming the pump with profits and economic success in providing a service to the US military machine.

Cairns Chamber of Commerce president, Jeremy Blockey says the combination of a wharf close to the city, world-class venues and an excellent climate made Cairns attractive to visiting ships.
"I really think you would be hard pushed to beat the product," he says. Jeremy forgets to mention what these warships do however.

Our tourism “product” is easy to sell to the US Navy, especially if you consider that in many ports and countries of south east Asia the US military is actively disliked, and port visits entail major security risks. Cairns is a prime liberty port for the US Navy because its safe, friendly, and close to both US bases (Guam) and vital sea lanes (between Pacific and Indian Oceans). Cairns can expect to see more frequent port visits as part of US strategic planning. Just as we see closer links with Guam.

But do we want them? By hosting US warship visits we support all their war-making efforts.

The USS Blue Ridge is the forward command vessel for the US 7th Fleet in the Pacific. As such it’s always “hot” and on duty. Plugged into US space warfare, the Blue Ridge can initiate a nuclear strike against China, North Korea, the Solomon Islands or New Zealand at any time.

The USS Blue ridge plugs into the same space warfare system used to shoot hellfire missiles from unmanned drones at rogue weddings and farmers in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In wars declared and undeclared against the Pushtun peoples.

So when the USS Blue Ridge comes to Cairns, Peace by Peace sees it as an opportunity to raise these military issues for public attention. To communicate with the sailors of the Blue Ridge and the citizens of Cairns about what’s going on in the world. And to agitate shamelessly for peace.

Next week we’re going to hold a public forum called the Eighth Anniversary of the War in Afghanistan: What can the US teach us about freedom?

We’ll start by hearing from two great Americans; Barak Obama and Martin Luther King Jr.

We’ll also do an open citizens inspection, and a more covert effort to penetrate Police and Military security.


Carl said...

I for one welcome this ship into Cairns. The crew will bring much needed spending to the far north in a time when we have record unemployment.

colin riddell said...

Oh great the peace police out to embarrass cairns AGAIN ! I say welcome to our allies .

Aerophile said...

Hey Brian,

Did you miss the two Strategic Air Command KC-10 tankers that spent the last week at Cairns Airport?

Bryan Outlaw, Master of Reason said...

If America were not our Ally and defender, the Australian economy would be much weaker, with taxes much higher and social programs vastly diminished. For it is the American military alliance that allows Australian the luxury of having virtually no defense capability.

If peaceniks like Bryan Law really want to hold their views, they have the obligation to explain to the public by what method they expect Australia to defend itself without said alliances.

This however would require thoughtful consideration and analysis, something the publicity-seeking Bryan Law is incapable of providing.

Paul said...

Outlaw the America you are talking about flew the coop ten years ago.

nocturnal congress said...

Why do people automatically assume the USA would always help defend Australia? The USA has demonstrated in the past decade in particular, its own self interests are all that counts. People like to stress the importance of the US to Australians, but are we really important to them?