Tuesday 13 October 2009

CairnsBlog cartoon by Robbie

Some years ago, whilst scrutinising at a ballot office, a Labor scrutineer questioned the accruing pile of ballot papers appearing on the side.

“Oh they are invalid because the voters only put a tick against the Labor candidate instead of completing the other numbers also,” the electoral officer said.

“What a bunch of drongos!” the Labor scrutineer responded.

I agree. Why did a majority vote for a Labor candidate in the first place?

During the last State election Unions spent over half a million dollars of their members' money on advertising campaigns backing Premier Anna Bligh before her March election victory.

The Queensland Public Service Union spent $225,000. Queensland Teachers Union spent $73,000. These same Unions are now vowing to campaign against her as she goes full steam ahead to sell off Queensland Railways, toll ways, pine plantations, airport (including Cairns), school land, the list goes on.

Bligh has already demolished contributed towards the destruction of our heritage here in Cairns so she could sell the land and anything else not nailed down. Why? Because Labor has bankrupted Queensland to the tune of at least $74 billion.

I wouldn’t trust them to look after my cat for the weekend, let alone the State treasury.

Both these Unions are whingeing and battling Anna for a pay rise.

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LNP - most wonderful thing on Earth said...

Oh Yippee!!! Now we can go teacher Bashing - just like the Courier Mail!